Killuminati : Tupac exposing the illuminati pt 8/?



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  1. MikeTechFire says:

    Jesus is the creator. Of all that was, all that is, and all that is to come. The Almighty who made himself a human body that by the blood of that fleshly body could pay for the sins of the world. For it is by sinless blood one can make an atonement for the soul.

  2. MikeTechFire says:

    In vain they do worship him, because they do not worship him according to truth but according to their human reasoning and laws. Jesus clearly says "If you believe not that I AM HE you shall die in your sins Jhn 8:24-27. Also saying “He that has seen me has seen the Father Jhn 14:8-9” God has two natures, the omnipresent Spirit nature, and a human fleshly nature (with all its infirmities) which he had to form that he could take away the sins of the world through the shedding of its blood. Peace

  3. MikeTechFire says:

    Hear O Israel, the Lord OUR GOD is one Lord (Deu 6:4). Jesus Christ is Lord (Phl 2:11). Jesus is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords and God of Gods (Deu 10:17, Rev 19:16). The everlasting Father (Isa 9:6). Father of all who is above all, in us all and through us all (Eph 4:6). Jesus is the Word. The Word was made flesh (Jhn 1:14). All things were created by the Word. In the Begining was the Word and the Word was God (Jhn 1:1-13). I only mean to encourage you and assure you that Jesus is God.

  4. Tariq F says:

    I believe that tupacs message to all of us is that you can beat that animalistic side (lust,greed,wrath ect) if you limit yourself and think of yourself as a dog thats what you will be and soicety will feed you with dog my message to you all is we was born as man but we are spirit so the more you think of yourself as man the more you become. left but one thing is soicety raises us to have money,bitches,cars what if there was something else something better and thats in your face GOD

  5. Outboundz says:

    the difference between the saviour and the deveiver is that one leaves man to be free while the other try to deceive people in doing things that lead to worse.

  6. God Is In Us. I'm Happy To Be Awake & See How Corrupt Everything Is. 2Pac & Outlawz Was On A Mission To Expose Illuminati & Now It's Tryin' To Take Over Us. Killuminati Is Comin' Back Baby & There's No Stoppin' Us. R.I.P. 2pac

  7. Qaysumah Q. says:

    I see the words Jesus, Power and Devil. I think you forgot God?

  8. K Az says:

    its God not god.

  9. peter moser says:

    thoughts are this 2pac and the outlaws had the mindset of true christians. KILLUMINATI TILL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It's better to live believing there is a God then when you die figure out you was living right all your life. Than to die not believing there is a God then when you die it's too late and you realize you was living your life wrong the whole time.

  11. kessu says:

    What is that remix start: 5.15?

  12. kessu says:

    Sometimes i believing this sick illuminati shit, but sometimes i dont. All this zionism and freemansonry what is the truth. 

  13. fuck the illuminatii      fuck u 
    u cant control me 

  14. GearCrusher says:


  15. BurrosSWE says:

    Tupac and others were just to ahead of there time, talking truth in a fully asleep world. I think Tupac will rise again. 

  16. WHYUMAD 4 says:

    lol some of these examples are so stupid any real pac fan knows what hes referring to in some of the instances and its not illuminati

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