King Robert’s arrival in Winterfell


The title said it.


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  1. Moment when you realise that every stark,robert touched has died .

  2. 金建邦 says:

    sansa wanted to be fucked by the little twat.

  3. Niveous says:

    Every stark he touched has died so far, interesting

  4. trelaman10 says:

    "You got fat"
    Ed : really bro?

  5. Ioan Taf says:

    If anyone of you noticed Robert hugged Eddard, Catelyn, patted Rickon's head and handeshaked Robb… And now all of those people are dead. I'm just saying Robert cursed them by touching was the sign of death


    the 4 guys on the right are now ALL dead!

  7. Uridien 1 says:

    Am I only seeing Lannister flags, the lion? Error on the show's part?

  8. Anyone that was touched by King Robert has died.

  9. djparaense says:

    The visit which ruined Starks lives forever!!

  10. Who is also playing the "who is still alive" Game? It's depressing…

  11. Ciaran Smith says:

    Touches four members of the family.
    the four he touched died.

    Asks the name of the girl who became 'no-one'

    Predicts the eventual cripple to become a strong soldier….

    God fucking Damnit Robert….

  12. utop ia says:

    I don't get the kind of comments saying 'the good old days' or whatever, like no the white Walker army was already expanding at this point and people like Littlefinger were conspiring left and right.

  13. Horse Gaming says:

    Bran and Rickon seem like wasted characters, I really liked Bran when he could walk and climb cause he just wanted to have fun and Rickon had about 10 lines in the whole show when he was meant to be the Lord of Winterfell after Robb's death.

  14. FSm0rf says:

    Notice how King Roberth only touch that Stark members :'(

  15. SEASON 6 SPOILERS: Awesome theory I just read about – it's a small stretch to imagine the show-runners and G.R.R. Martin had this much foresight but check this out: every single one of the Starks that Robert Baratheon touches in this scene has died. He touches Ned, Catelyn, Rickon, and Robb. Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Jon were spared. It syncs up nicely with one of the first scenes in the pilot when we see a dead stag followed by a dead direwolf. In the scene above, the soon-to-be dead stag 'blesses' the soon-to-be dead direwolves.

  16. Miguel hm says:

    Just started Watching GoT, Ned is my favorite character! 🙂 I hope he get to the iron throne

  17. isaac i says:

    lol robert was very close to the son of lyanna and his mortal enemy rhagear

  18. isaac i says:

    4:17 jon is staring at the man who killed his father

  19. Got to give Ned props – he put in so much work to protect the kid that Robert couldn't spot him in plain sight. Kept his promise.

  20. Damn King Robert must've been such a bad ass back in the day. It's too bad he did all those things during his marriage.

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