Latest Photographs From Siachen Search & Rescue


We don’t know much yet about the families of the 139 brave sons of the nation trapped under tons of snow in Kashmir. Hopefully the military will release more information about each one of them so that the nation can see up close the price paid to defend the motherland.

Despite weather hazards, rescue work continues at Gayari. A total of 452 person including 69 civilians are employed on relief efforts. 2 Dozers, 2 JCB (Earth Mover), 3 Excavator and 2 dumpers are working day and night on the site. Five points have been identified on the site where rescue work is in progress. Two points are being dug with equipment while three points are being dug manually.

Foreign rescue teams, Six members German team, three member Switzerland team have arrived in Pakistan and waiting for weather clearance to proceed to Gayari. Seven members SPD team is using life detection kit and thermal imaging camera during the rescue operation.

The following pictures were taken on the night of 9 and the morning of 10 April 2012.


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