Left Behind 3: World at War review


Hagan Reviews episode 113. At last.. Hagan has come back.. to LEFT BEHIND! Want to make a request?: https://www.patreon.com/Diamandahagan.


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  1. the first one was my favorite one tho they are all illogical shit.

  2. I've only seen the first Left Behind film… as a kid… because the church I grew up in really really REALLY wanted us to see it. I look forward to experiencing the 2nd movie (and any others that might exist) through your reviews! Loved this one, Diamanda! :)

  3. Seriously?  Wine was the cure?  That's so stupid!  You know what, I think I know why it was wine that was the cure.  Because the writers were drunk off their asses when they wrote this!  By the way, have you or do you plan on tackling those hilariously bad Apocalypse movies?

  4. thats… thats not a bently.
    thats a Lincoln town car limousine.

    which is a Ford, by extention, as Ford owns Lincoln.

  5. "Nikoli poisoned the bibles" is my new favourite stupid line. In or out of context it's hilarious.

  6. Odin Dark says:

    "Women don't heal as quickly as men do" As I quote another great female internet reviewer "just awful."

  7. Wine as the cure?BULLSHIT everyone know that the only medicine for the pestilence is Vodka!

  8. sugarfrosted says:

    So let me get this straight, it's a Christian movie and they used made up wedding vows? okay…

  9. Well it appears to be filmed better than the first two, still not interested. i don't care much for the soft focus look that old and semi old low budget movies had, its supposed to make the movie look more expensive, but it doesn't really do that. actually it makes it look like it was shot on tape.

  10. 38:33 – Well Diamanda they are shit fuck christians aren't they? Suicide bombing and terrorism are wrong when muslims do it but when we jesus fuckers do it well it's just fine because it's in the name of our god, and if you disagree with that logic then fuck you because without jesus fucking our brains then there is no morality or right and wrong. Yeah, wait a minute doesn't that defeat the point of morals in the first place?

  11. kyle johnson says:

    Dear Hagan

    I love you

    Sincerely a fan
    Ps how do you make money while being so small a channel

  12. THIS is a president that gets shit done!
    I wanna see a movie just about HIM! A movie where the president of the United States goes undercover to take down a powerful drug cartel by getting into dramatic shootouts, thrilling car chases, wrestling for the controls of a helicopter while it's in the air, and seducing the drug lord's sexy daughter in a steamy love scene! I want to see the president walk away slowly as a building blows up behind him! I want blood and one-liners, and a setup for sequel that ends up breaking the continuity of the story!

    This needs to happen!

  13. Nate Watson says:

    There's something odd here: Russia is predominately christian. Russian Orthodox, yes, but why would they be working with the antichrist? China, it at least makes sense. They'll work with anyone with money.

  14. MsDjessa says:

    Hey that very good point you once made about cars crashing into others after their drivers have been raptured. Louis Theroux pointed out the same thing to someone who believed in rapture. He seemed to be okay with it. : /

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