LIL DICKY – Before They Were Famous


SUBSCRIBE: BEFORE he released his debut album Professional Rapper on July 31, 2015. BEFORE Lil Dicky …


20 Responses

  1. He looks like a 6th grade teacher

  2. Boyter says:

    do CHRIS ROCK bro before they were famous

  3. Xan & Squad! says:

    Please do funk bros

  4. Before they were famous memes

  5. Before they were famous Demar derozan

  6. Colin King says:

    Before they were famous Demar Derozen

  7. he a horrible rapper, gay asf, but he seem funny

  8. Viral PM says:

    I live 30 minutes north of downtown philly? what county was he from????

  9. At 5:40 all the SJWs got triggered

  10. do insane clown posse

  11. peter heter says:

    do tory lane before they were famous

  12. Jose Rojo says:

    A tribe called quest

  13. Music is tu fucking loud.

  14. tities ass says:

    your wack making videos about other people that you never meet

  15. Mr App says:

    Mac miller is also white , and Jewish , so dicky is not the first one

  16. dude its not like lil dicky's the first white, jewish rapper. Remember the Beastie Boys? or even a current rapper, hoodie allen? c'mon dude.

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