Lil Kim’s Ex Damion “World” Hardy Exposes The Satanic Music Industry With Wendy Williams


This may be old news to some, but new to others. Damion “World” Hardy exposed the music industry during a 2004 radio interview with Wendy Williams. He was …


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  1. Kharan is a deceiver. Read it messages an understand it right. Hes a manipulater. Peace be with you

  2. Mzqtpye2012 says:

    All I know is this guys life went down hill big time after this interview. So hey, you never now.

  3. Sgt Hartman says:

    thats it Hardy expose these sickos, Wag The Dog siiick film n a must watch

  4. ccdays26 says:

    These niggahs are so full of all this religion bullshit…

  5. wendy is a witch! Literally, the workers sent to decieve us are all around!

  6. Wendy is such a fucking asshole !

  7. all them people are ugly n from ny worst kim I wouldn't sell not even one gram  for her lol

  8. Derek P says:


  9. King Jiggah says:

    That's how u know kin fell far down. props for real G status though.

  10. King Jiggah says:

    He knows what hes talking about real Blacks hate Black Americans

  11. King Jiggah says:

    Big said he can live on a G a week. That mentally is not bad. He probably seen the money been thrown around when ghetto kids are destroying each other and horrible schools. Getting people hook on welfare that way they can say you owe us so you can't say nothing towards new laws.

  12. King Jiggah says:

    Ganster rap is another way to keep blacks in slaved not only physically by showing you cars and jewelry that the 1% own. Illusions then the mental game by rapping about killing, drugs, hoes,jewelry, money,Sex,Sex. demeaning their morals to the lowest levels of society.

  13. King Jiggah says:

    Not rap but gangster rap. Playing it in the cars with there kids. making ratchet video with there kids.

  14. King Jiggah says:

    It's a very powerful game. Being played out right in front of us.

  15. beans T says:

    Did he cal 50 cent loose change?! LOL funny shit. are too much

  16. jrtien says:

    Islam is part of Masonry. This guy is totally in over his head.

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