Locations and Nature of the Upcoming False Flag Attacks

Dave Hodges

More details are being revealed with regard to the nature of the weather wars false flag attacks coming against America. This is breaking news and new details are still coming out.

In speaking to many of my alternative media colleagues, many of them are surprised at the pace that the country is seemingly on as we race towards what appears now is an inevitable civil war in the US in response to a total martial law plan being planned for as I write these words.

Locations and Nature of the Upcoming False Flag Attacks

In the decade that I have been covering the nefarious activities of the globalists, there has not been this much chatter about what is coming. Seemingly, another day goes by and more credible sources come forward with similar information which serves to enhance and add to previously released information.

As I attempt to sift through the newly released information, I believe it is important that we keep the core values and goals of the globalists in mind in determining what is fact and what is fiction, what is a primary goal and what is a secondary goal.

Globalist Goals

The first and foremost goal of the globalists is to establish a technocratic, scientific dictatorship over the planet. All representative government in which the people are sovereign must be eliminated. The backbone of the country, the family and its inherent parental authority, must be destroyed. The absolute control over all currency and mediums of exchange must be secured. The movement of people into large megacities (i.e. slave encampments) in which people are forced to live impoverished lives devoid of the technology we enjoy today, will be accomplished and enforced by strict cap and trade policies which favors the elite. Fulfillment of Agenda 21 policies is of paramount importance if the globalists are going to be successful in the pursuit of their goals.

For the globalists, to be successful, the United States must be destroyed, totally destroyed. The destruction must be so devastating, that it will be impossible for any of us to go home again. When this objective is obtained, the surviving Americans will have nowhere to turn but to preplanned living conditions as mandated under Agenda 21 policies.

Traditional American values are antithetical to the mission of the globalists in which the enslavement of humanity is a primary goal. Values such as free enterprise, spiritual fulfillment and self-determination are an anathema to the collectivist, totalitarian views of the globalists. As a result, there will be nowhere on the planet where people will be made to suffer as Americans will be forced to endure.

When George Bush said the terrorists hate us because of our freedoms, he was partially right. The real terrorists reside in places like Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve as well in the banking empires of the Rothschild’s and the lovely Queen of England, and they do hate us and seek to destroy us for our freedoms.

As I have just stated, I have concluded that for the globalists to achieve their goal of full spectrum dominance, America cannot just be conquered, America must be totally destroyed along with the Constitution and its Christian heritage. American ideals of freedom and independence are viewed by the globalists as a type of virulent outbreak which cannot be allowed to spread to the rest of the world. The memory of what America was and what made us great must be obliterated from the pages of history.

The new F word for the globalists is freedom. America provides hope for freedom self-fulfillment. This cannot be allowed. All hope and desire for freedom on this planet must be eradicated and the destruction of America is at the heart of this plan. In the next part of the series I will be discussing the detailed plans as they are known in the furtherance of this goal.

Americans Will Soon Be a Negative Example for the World

America must also be made an example of in order to intimidate the world into complete acquiescence to the New World Order. If the globalists get their way, our citizens will suffer the most horrific loss of life in human history. Ask yourself a question. If this is not true, then why would over 200+ command level military officers throw their careers away along with risking their lives in opposition to this rogue administration? Most, if not all of these officers know precisely what the stakes are. My sources tell me that many of these officers are planning for a guerrilla war against the occupation forces of the Russians, Chinese and even the Canadians who have agreed to help in times of insurrection in America. These events have dire consequences for our troops overseas and this is something that I will directly address in the next part of this series.

Narrowly Averted Cataclysmic False Flag Events

As I have reported, Obama is between a rock and a hard place. He was unable to launch the Petrodollar rescue mission by invading Syria and then Iran as our amateur President was outmaneuvered by Putin. His five impeachable offenses (e.g. Benghazi, Fast and Furious) will not go away. The military is in near mutiny against Obama as evidenced by General Hamm’s, former head of AFRICOM, attempted rescue mission of Ambassador Stevens in Libya. The assassination of Stevens has proven to be a turning point in the relationship that Obama has with his military. Obama knows he cannot count on the majority of his military to carry out his domestication of the American people. The military is disgusted by him, so much so, that a coup attempt is likely in the works. This, too, will be revealed in two days.

There are many sources, not just mine, which are saying that Obama has already tried to unleash two major and horrific false flag attacks, in the past few months, designed to cripple this country, both physically and financially.

The first attempt at a false flag was the detonation of multiple of nuclear weapons. This failed because the military thwarted the attempt. Several key members of the military paid for their insolence with their careers as the entire command structure of our nuclear weapons program have been fired. Fired for things like the unauthorized use of fake poker chips in a poker game among friends. Give me a break, Obama has time to worry about poker chips? And despite all the military purges, Obama is still unable to gain control of the nuclear launch codes and he is de0nied access to nuclear weapons and the submarine commanders remain largely independent of Obama’s authority.

This past fall, during the Grid EX II drill, my voice joined with several of my colleagues warning America about the false flag potential of taking down the power grid. As it turned out, we were correct about Obama’s intentions.  The second event involved Obama’s attempt to detonate two high altitude nuclear bombs over the mid-continental United States. The resulting EMP would have crippled our power grid and would have provided Obama with the authority to lock the country down and eliminate all domestic threats. As a result, his presidency would survive and the globalists would achieve one of their goals, the destruction of America.

Again, the military was able to block this attempted false flag event as well. The military is in possession of the missing nukes. As you have probably read in multiple venues, the Russians have acknowledged the detonation of a nuke 500 miles off the cost of South Carolina. The US military detonated the nuke along with the intended message that the subjugation, occupation and destruction of this country is far from complete. This would explain why Senator Lindsay Graham looked like a proverbial deer in the headlights as he incoherently proclaimed that if we did not go to war with Syria, a nuclear bomb would be exploded in Charleston Harbor, SC. Clearly, Graham found out what was unfolding and was shaken to his core.

The True Nature of the Martial Law Being Unfolded

Is there a third false flag event planned for this country? The answer is that there is a third, a fourth and a fifth false flag set of events planned for in this country and they all have to do with earthquakes and resulting catastrophic weather events. As I have previously reported, I have information from three highly credible sources that an electromagnetic event will be initiated, using the technology I have referenced before in the “Air Force Owning the Weather 2025” which also accounts for the two decade old earthquake weapons that will be employed to start an earthquake along the Southern end of the New Madrid. As I documented this past week, the New Madrid tectonic plates are connected to the tectonic plates on the floor of the Gulf. If a major earthquake is initiated a major earthquake will be take place in the Gulf. This will create a tsunami which will devastate the Gulf Coast.  This will be strike one.

The same technology is being planned for across the Atlantic on any number of Islands. A series of seismic events would unleash a mammoth 1500 foot wall of water which would devastate the East Coast. Of course, climate change will be blamed for the severe weather.

When our mothers told us that bad things coming in threes, we should have paid closer attention. The effects of Fukushima are becoming known even to the sheep in the public. Rates of thyroid cancer, deformed and dead sea life and rising radiation levels are being widely reported. There is also a future event being planned to exacerbate the situation the situation at Fukushima with another major earthquake. I was told that this technology was successfully tested in Malaysia, Haiti and then in Chile. In each case, the loss of life was horrific.


If the United States gets hit by this three-sided monster, the country will obviously be crippled and placed under martial law. The Obama administration needs martial law to survive. The accompanying martial law will be used to destroy this country and to greatly reduce any potential civilian uprisings as to what is coming. Martial law will provide the backdrop necessary to entirely eliminate the military leadership which opposes the destruction of this country.  Martial law will be used to reduce the population and to herd the survivors into the stack and pack settlements in the inner cities.


Heretofore, most of the sources providing this information to a number of journalists have been covert and necessarily so for their own protection. However, on the day following Christmas, I will be unveiling two sources of information which will confirm much of what is written here. Their identities are known to some already and will soon be well-known to all. Additionally, one of the sources has already revealed the operational details of the coming martial law and our collision course towards civil war. All will be revealed in two days.

In the meantime, I would ask you to pray for the welfare of our troops stationed overseas. They are in danger, especially in Afghanistan.

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  1. Terri Vines says:

    Anybody with any discernment at all should see the writing on the wall. It is amazing to me how blind so many still are despite all of the evidence put right before their eyes! I pray everyday that our Troops will come home. I have even thought of trying to find a way to fund them to come home on their own. I feel that one day soon they will be massacred and sent home in body bags!

  2. John Cook says:

    When Bibi Netanyahoo told Pollard (Jewish spy in jail in America) that when Israel was finished extracting all they could from America they would let it dry up and blow away he was lying. The tradition of the Chosen Ones, going right back to the biblical times has always been “Utter Destruction” – they are almost done sucking the USA dry so expect them to attempt the “Utter Destruction” of America any time now…

  3. Winyelaceta says:

    Despite all of this; I believe in mankind. That we can come out on the other side of this chaos in a better place. Sounds corney maybe.. but my new years resolution is to not lose hope.

  4. Mohsen Samii says:

    Unfortunately the Globalists will have their way and again unfortunately they will destroy the America . The writing has been on the wall for sometime but the blind have only recently started to open their eyes – alas too late.

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