Madonna Illuminati Exposed


This Is A Short Movie On How The Illuminati And The New Earth Purchase Have Been Subliminally Brain Feeding Us Due to the fact Way Back again…

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  1. the arabic words its not takeing from holy Quran i am a muslim

  2. The cross is not holy. I'm a christian. They killed people on a cross. What did christians use before the cross? So, the cross hasn't always been around. Satanists don't know the truth, so if they burn a cross it's just to get at you.

  3. I think the uploader or the video make should expose themselves first.

  4. She is satanic and has been for years look at the things she has done

  5. way too many inaccuracies in this for me to take it seriously. Im not saying Madonna is not part of the Illuminati/NWO Elite (personally I don't put a deal of value on Entertainers period, regardless of whether their agenda is for good or evil) but I get irritated when examples put up as proof are in fact false themselves.

  6. anti nwo says:

    kaballah …scientology= baloney

  7. WillieWanker says:

    Oh Well here you have humans that want to be educated by Youtube instead of books. Humans are a big disappointment.

  8. Tahsin Uddin says:

    those who don't know what is santanist what is illuminati can only say this funny lies. u can just search madonna music video of illuminati .

  9. Slim says:

    LMFAOOOOO I understand arabic and read the Quran and it'ss not quran it says Forget the past and learn from it omg so funny bye

  10. A A says:

    Actually listen to LIKE A PRAYER …She says…LIFE IS A MYSTERY…AND THEN IF YOU MUTATE EVERYTHING TOGETHER SHE SAYS BABYLON… IT'S SICK. This woman is a straight up Black witch

  11. We all knowo that she preach kabbala

  12. SMART MDNA says:

    This video is really funny! hahaha!

  13. The Pope is working very hard to unite all religions, they want ONE RELIGION UNDER SATAN

  14. My heart broke when I found out who she was.

  15. I know now Madonna is evil. I was a fan for over 30 years. She's a Satanist.

  16. a Muslim wouldn't care about a burning cross, nor call it holy. to them it's idolatry.

  17. too many people dont believe it.. for now!! but nearly soon.. you will.. mark my word.. just keep it in your mind.. dont start to argue with me.. i will not reply..

  18. zoranjanev1 says:

    This video make me lough ! Madonna is Saint Virgin Mary; and something what religions don't know: Saint Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ is same being;

    In other words: this video is idiotic satanistic lies;

  19. Es bueno la teoría pero podría estar español

  20. She is involved with the wrong group of Kabbalist. The true Kabbalist are nature worshippers not material worshippers. They are true to goodness not distorters of the true alchemists.

  21. Living for love is all devil costumes

  22. People are always using the word Illuminati but they're always referencing it in an incorrect way. People often accuse me of being a member of the Illuminati and I think in today's pop culture the Illuminati is perceived as a group of powerful, successful people who are working behind the scenes to control the universe. Not people with consciousness, not people who are enlightened."
    "The real Illuminati were a group of scientists, artists, philosophers, writers, who came about in what is referred to as the Age of Enlightenment, after the Dark Ages, when there was no writing and no art and no creativity and no spirituality, and life was really at a standstill.  Of course they were powerful, because they influenced people. But their goal was to inspire and enlighten. So when people refer to me as a member of the Illuminati, I always want to say thank you. Thank you for putting me in that category."   MADONNA


  23. Goth Girl says:

    What a crock of utter shite!!! I've watched a few of these ill umami videos and what I conclude is you all have way to much time on your hands and you're looking at anything and everything and turning it in to devil worship. Whatevvvvvaaaa. Surely if these dangerous Masonic groups exist in the media press exactly why would they be allowing you to post videos surely they would be brought down if you're exposing this?? They don't shut them down because you're clutching at straws and talking utter shite

  24. Thanks for sharing this.

  25. Oh now come on. This video is full of lies. Yes, Madonna focuses a lot on religious symbolism, but this is what freedom of expression and art is about. And that point about a line in Like a Prayer played backwards; total bullshit. The narrator actually believed she meant it to sound like "Hear us, save us Satan." The truth is it just happened to sound like that. The only thing I'm convinced by watching this video, is that people, like this narrator, grasp for straws, looking for anything to insult artists like Madonna. People like this narrator are nothing but blatant conspiracy theorists. I do agree, however, that we do need to unite as human beings (shown at the end of the video), but accusing people of being members of the Illuminati or blasphemous is the wrong way to do it. The right way to unite as human beings is to stop fighting over which religion is correct, to stop judging people because they're different, to wipe away fear and ignorance, and to start being more tolerant and respectful to one another. No matter whether if you're Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or Atheist; Love thy neighbour as thy self. Love yourself. Love those around you.

  26. Tyler+Juan says:

    I wonder (JUANder) if it's TYme to reveal The Foehr Kings of the Illuminati? …Baby Juan More TYme, SomeTYmes, Juan Kiss From You, EveryTYme, He About to LOSE Me, Hold On TYght. Jesus, the song doesn't even say it's knot Britney ONCE haha what a diss, Madge. So you'll kiss her on the VMAs, but neglect her from your Illuminati song? I gotta say, that's a little fucked up, don't cha think? Maybe you forgot her on accident?

  27. JazakAllah khair for this video bro.
    But I'm afraid it's a little too late now. The plan for greater Israel has already been laid. US and Israel are doing their best to start WW3. After that, Israel will emerge as the new super power of the world and that's when Imam Mahdi will emerge.

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