Mandela Effect- Finding Other New Arrivals-Are You My Wife?!-Personal Story


Facebook Page: Personal story about responding to the Mandela Effect.


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  1. this is exactly what I went through and I believe others who see it went through.. do you look at all the people driving around and they have no clue. I'm very happy that you're wife is coming around, mine is deep into the world and isn't even trying to wake up. btw it was me who asked you this question for this video. No credit needed just wanted you to know who I am. I went deep deep into this and barely ate for over a month and didn't hardly sleep. It gets better and I can see you are pulling out of that initial shock

  2. nick w says:

    Every one that is living in my house is a New Arrival, guess I'm lucky.

  3. Lucky you. When I first told my fiance about the M.E. he acknowledged that he sees the same changes as me, but seemed totally uninterested in reality changing and the cause of it. When I told him I was scared he ignored me. I didn't know what to do so I just put my head under the covers and quietly cried by myself while he laid next to me and pretended to be sleep (he is a very light sleeper, so I know he could hear me). After that night, I vowed not to discuss this topic with him anymore and that I would handle this by myself. Despite acknowledging the that he sees the same changes I see the next morning he said I was acting "hysterical". Now I am wondering if he is a dark soul. Why else would he say he sees the changes but acts totally unsurprised by the changes and then tries to convince me that I am crazy for wanting to looking into the M.E. What do you think New Arrival? Is he dark?

  4. Jen G. says:

    I'm glad you wife is on the same timeline as you. I keep emailing my mom and she's completely indifferent and can't remember anything. If i ask her for Sally Field's name she says Sally Ford. If i ask her what Selsun Blue used to be called she says Selson. It's like she's on her own timeline and it's the one where people go when they are in their own la la land. ha ha

  5. You keep mentioning the sun… it reminds me of the kindergarten song, "Mr. Golden Sun" and how we were always taught that yellow is the color of the sun. Now it's like they took out the incandescent bulbs and switched to LED or something.

  6. I'll tell you right now brother your very very lucky…. My wife and I had to divorce due to her not seeing the changes, the effect drove us apart from eachother and I've been on a mission to find my true soul mate ever since

  7. my brother this is so funny its like im reading my own storyline because i did the EXACT same thing you did down to bothering my wife and getting paranoid and steady questioning her about this i just couldn't see how she was so nonchalant about this whereas i've been on my computer doing research 24/7 i told my mother about this and she laughed until she cried but i started running down the changes and that laughed turned into fear after she realized the changes were wrong to how she remembers and now shes doing research and talking about it funny though i see some people will say they notice the changes n be like oh well n go on but folks like us are like noo hold up wait a minute what is going on and i've got to get answers i have always been a spiritual person and since about a year ago i asked my wife did she remember when i told her that i felt as if something big was gonna happen i said i didn't know if a spaceship was gonna land at the white house or what but it would be something of that magnitude n hell this is just right up there with me brother this is so confusing this is our lives that we always knew to be one way and they have changed seemingly overnight i was overcome with fear at first but i guess that's from the realization at first that this is really true and not my imagination now i just want answers and i'm wondering what is the end all of this ,is this so called reality not real,is it the dwave computer and all the quantum mechanics hole we have opened or is it cern smashing these particles and tearing holes in other dimensions mannn a friend of mine actually got mad because he remember things how they are now and i told him i'm just and OE "old earther" and he got pissed and said what does that mean i'm like bro its just the truth so it might come down to us being on one side and the rest on their side.FORGIVE ME FOR RAMBLING BRO BUT I AM SO GLAD I'M NOT ALONE IN THIS

  8. This is a lovely, heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing it. You're Light shines bright, brother!

  9. I've asked my girlfriend about a lot of the changes and she doesn't recall all of the ones I do, but most of them.

  10. They are changing things with CERN, this is all the beginning of the lying signs and wonders of the antichrist. They have changed the Bible for the coming of the one world religion of the antichrist. Extol Yeshua Always has a lot of information of the Bible changes.

  11. Cotton Jones says:

    I understand what you are saying that in your reality the was sun had more a yellow yellow light emitting from it give things a different hue, but for me the light has always been white in mine where the white light enters the prism and separates into all the colors of the rainbow, yellow light would give a different spectrum. The sun is a class one sequence yellow dwarf star and yellow is it longest wave length, but that has more to do with the temperature of the surface of the sun than the perceived visual color, to my understanding so I can see where people get that mixed up since we are not suppose to look at it directly. This all mixed up as we seem to come from vast numbers of different earths where one thing may be different to one and not to another, or as time passes the other person seems to notice difference, as well.

  12. Tammy H. says:

    My S.O. has noticed changes but frequently just responds with, "What does it matter?", so not tons of interest.

  13. I am not alone in the experiences of the ME but no body around me seems to care. Maybe, it's because they are only hearing it from me and not doing any research but I don't see how people aren't seeing that something weird is happening.

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