Men In Black Russian Documentary With English Subtitles



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  1. Mauro Ávila says:

    Everything starting to make sense now. Ty Medvedev.

  2. DD Martin says:

    this is Bullshit!!!!!!!!! no English subs at perfect moments? Bullshit! !!!!!!!!!

  3. sarath s says:

    what ever it is…just share it..let the whole world know about this..why the government is hiding about ufo and aliens…want to know more about the x day it will be revealed..the time is coming..count down started…

  4. Pumpkin is right. Best parts are untranslated. That being said, I really enjoyed this flick. If this is indeed the Men In Black documentary Medvedev was referring to…Thanks Meddy!

  5. I thought the PM was talking about the American movie. He was talking about this one. Let's watch loool

  6. wow # says:

    Bummer we're missing a lot in this one.

  7. Would be nice to see all the subtitles.

  8. I learned how to slow down a video, change subtitles & things about Indiana I did not know…thx commentators very informative! Putin disclose already whats taking so long? We know the america stuff give us what you've got 🙂 I already know what these are and i'm ready for it to end.

  9. Russians are experts in looking serious when lying.

  10. EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS AMONG HUMANOIDES…why not, we humans, being watched how we evolut to eventually make part of the Universe.
    Some will, and some will not understand the message of this clip.

  11. ruhita gupta says:

    any russian here, please explain the non translated bits

  12. WHY IS IT, THATONLY THE NARRATOR IS BEING TRANSLATED?Jw…sorry, just read a few comments down and everyone else has pointed this out!!! Russ W.

  13. do they speak English in What?

  14. R Z says:

    robert sepeher

  15. ageofmaya says:

    Men In Black are Nazi army. All the worst Nazi slaughterers were/are always dressed in black (SS troups, ustase in Croatia, banderovci in Ukraine…) Beware, trolling about aliens is a Nazi fraud which suits their purposes – don't believe it.

  16. we life on our litte earth like ants in a antfarm

  17. Futurespirit says:

    without words wow

  18. The subtitles suck. It's just good enough to understand the documentary, but no better.

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