Minecraft | Good vs Evil – WORLD WAR 2: D-Day Invasion! (Allied Powers vs Axis Powers)


Minecraft has a brand new good vs evil and this is the world war 2 edition. The dday invasion was a battle that happened in world war 2 and we recreated the battle into minecraft. Watch as we use all these custom war mods in minecraft that have tanks, soldiers, and even boats!
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Minecraft | Good vs Evil – WORLD WAR 2: D-Day Invasion! (America vs Germany)


41 Responses

  1. the Germans kill all jews

  2. how did you get the lcvi's and American soldiers

  3. American should win the invasion

  4. Epic battle? My God Cody my great grandpa died at D-Day there is nothing cool about that is there he had a wife and child to come home to but he died Cody how can you be that insincetive

  5. Savvy Sly says:

    i can appreciate adding tanks but as far as I am aware the nazi armies never had a panzer division at D-day like erwin rommel wanted and america im not sure about them having tanks. I can see why you used them it made it alot more epic and a more intense fight. Anyone else really like the German Uniforms?

  6. chhay sytha says:


  7. Cody, you got most of this accurate I'm a ww2 history buff lol

  8. The Gaming K says:

    This was my favorite war! (not that I like people dying) thanks for recreating it friend!

  9. Poor American man didn't deserve this bloody mess

  10. Tj Turnbull says:

    hey i just subed but i have a question how do u get those robots to fight for u thx for the great video

  11. Who else wishes minecraft pet had mods like these and not only add ons

  12. Hello Atlantic craft it has been a while since I have watched your videos and they are still awesome, y'all are my favorite youtubers of all time and keep making videos. Thank you for making a video for D-day i love war reenactment. Signed yalls Biggest fan, Justin

  13. Wait was D-day omahoma beach?

  14. Crunchy121 says:

    a kar98 on the american team…… drinks bleach

  15. Brock Chase says:

    lol woT fury used not a real tank in history but m4 is!

  16. Windex says:

    Offensive video.

  17. where the h*ck is joebuzz… is he dead

  18. Umm kar98 is an axis gun

  19. Caleb Price says:

    So do I London hunt

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