Missy Elliott – New Documentary Coming Soon


Watch Missy’s new video for “I’m Better” ft. Lamb: https://missyell.io/tt/imbettervideo
Stream and download here: https://missyell.io/tt/imbetter

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  1. Ohhhh Hell Yeaaahh!!. Creativity and genius plus! New documentary should be fantastic. Missy a true Queen xxx ☆☆☆☆☆ ♡♡♡ Peace and love.

  2. Andy Vegan says:

    Missy is an amazing artist, and that lady wearing that fur hat looks very stupid. Fur is derived from tortured animals. It should be illegal to wear that disgusting thing.

  3. Jennifer F says:

    MISA HYLTON BRIM and Busta Rhymes. Love them. They are iconic faces of the 90s. Missy is awesome

  4. 94JAVS says:

    Yes, can't wait

  5. I need to see this!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sameer Love says:

    I can't wait to see this documentary !!!! I love Missy Elliott and her music and videos!! ❤❤ if I ever become famous for music, I hope I can work with her!!

  7. Yassss. I honestly feel bad for kids today that didnt get to grow up with Missy in their face, showing what creativity and individuality is. Bring it on Missy, I am here for it.

  8. Ari Elle says:

    Missy is unlike ANY MC. Period. #Extraterrestrialmagic

  9. i cant wait for this to happen !!!

  10. KLU 802 says:

    New Album 2017!?!?! Take all my coins MISSY! ?????????

  11. Being a Missy Elliott fan since Supa Dupa Fly, OoOoo Im excited to see this! Keep doin ya thang girl! #DopeFemcee

  12. Finally! There has been talks about this for YEARS! Finally. I ain't see Timbo in there. Where he at? Skateboard P. in there though. Haha For real though, respect Missy. Much love. Waiting to cop that new album on CD to add to my collection.

  13. But you can't just talk about Missy without talking about Timbo.

  14. Angel Ivy says:

    And there will never be another Missy…I love her….?????

  15. Joanna R says:

    This looks exciting 🙂

  16. Busta Mango says:

    Blizzy blizzy blarzy blarzy blasé non of you fool ain't got shit on mey.

    It's rare that when you see these kind of props from other artists and they are actually true. Good to see missy back someone's gotta save it.

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