MK-Ultra victims (Alter egos)


Mk – Ultra, mind manipulation & more


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  1. father, jesus try to save this people spirit you are the real power don't let this evil totally get their soul

  2. Megan Cash says:

    news broadcast with blonde hair had a stroke live on air. so that is not mind control
    get facts straight.

  3. these are so painfully awkward to watch

  4. Ted Y says:

    sorry but most of these are of celebrities on street drugs or pills. Stop trying to fit some dumbass mind control narrative your imagination has come up with.

  5. Abomb 604 says:

    people inventing personalities to excuse their behavior. "oh it wasn't me, it was them"

  6. johnwohl says:

    Came for bush, received heavy burtation. Leaving satisfied.

  7. Evi1M4chine says:

    Here’s the thing: As long an morons keep believing there’s such a thing as independent thought and free will, this kind of manipulation will stay as easy as fuck. And from my experience, they cling to that delusion like motherfuckers! ^^
    All there is, is a livestock of memes. They are the most numerous species on this planet. Just like cows are on a farm.
    And if you try to save them, they’ll destroy you, to save their farmer. I know. I tried. … So I’m gonna be a farmer.

  8. As long as we have white supremacy/dominance we will have this many are too ignorant and deluded to stop it. white supremacy is heavily based on psychopathic means and delusion. This is just an example of their exercise and unquestioned power as many are happy they have this power it puts many at the better end of the financial disparity. children are being abused and people turn a blind eye to enjoy the better end of the financial disparity that many others face. This is not the act of morally superior people, these people are narcissistic and dangerously deluded. The idea they are superior as humans IS a facade and as long as they are allowed to masquerade as such we will always meet these issues and discover such cases. The most ruthless politicians are those under white supremacy, the biggest dictators are those under white supremacy, white supremacy hides an extreme amount of child abusers, white supremacy bombs civilians nonchalantly and goes to war if the act is reversed, white supremacy creates ignorance for many and exploits that ignorance and deems themselves superior due to the ignorance they have created, white supremacy has distablised every economy that is not a ally or threat to their own, white supremacy deals with high level malevolent psychological operations, white supremacy deceives you that there is no alternative system, white supremacy empowers, feeds the ego of and uplifts white people and white racist who assist racism and white supremacy. All of this is what you pretend isn't the case but got shocked at facts like this, you can't ignore half and be shocked about the other half you do that because you don't want to relinquish the power and image you have become accustomed to, being the upper class, the middle class or being regarded as superior by those with shallow minds simply because of the way you talk (proper english) or 'edicate' which is really a facade of superiority as many have low or no moral standing. You might be conflicted if you face the truth but it's takes strength of character with many aren't designed to have and because of the system many don't need that strength of character to face the truth as the system protects them and keeps them in an ignorant bliss well enough

  9. George W. Bush didn't have MK Ultra breakdowns, that's how he always spoke. Those were probably his good days.

  10. Was watching the avengers from the 1960_70 and they do a lot in epsiodes how they brain wash people look at the prisoner series how people never escapd

  11. Robin Hood says:

    <<< Boo ! Hess/Hess – Superintendent of  all Lebanon Oregon Schools! Read your public schools rule books closely!! UGH !!

  12. On the beyonce but at @9.15 look at those hands on the top right. I mean looks fishy

  13. Baby Bunch says:

    Seriously when bush was talking seriously made me so proud to be an american…lmfao

  14. Really? Beyoncé rocking left and right is apart of MK Ultra? She might be innocently jamming to a tune in her head or just plainly passing time. People do that all the time.

  15. We all have done alter egos in all of us. We access certain programs which harmonizes with our current environment: in public, with our families, with friends, in a courtroom, while shopping, etc. We don't have it as extreme as these celebrities though.

  16. OMGGGGG I am the illuminati o fouck…!!

    Author: Arsjaad Poese
    Based on own theories: Complexism, Quadrillion Connections, Multiverse Metaphysics, Quantum Bot, Quantum Complex system. — Artificial Superintelligence — Eternal energy of love —
    Deconstructing work:
    Debatable subject matter:
    String Theory, Metaphysics, Reverse Engineering, Virtual Reality, Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Multiverse hypothesis, Simulation Hypothesis, Hard problem of consciousness, Qualia Sciences, Computer Science, Gamification, Future Studies, Logic, Science, Philosophy, Design Theory, Superintelligence. Minimizing Existential Threats. Semiotics, Godels incompleteness theorem,
    Fan of:
    Terrence Mckenna, Elon Musk, Einstein, Nick Bostrom, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Seth Lloyd.

  17. Sea Level says:

    You should get a close up on Niki minaj at around 5 mins I definitely saw her right eye do some weird shit eye anomaly right there

  18. Icefire C says:

    I disagree with the part about Bush. He's just dumb.

  19. JasonDotCalm says:

    so if repetition is the key to successful brainwashing, then why isn't it working on me?

  20. Arcane says:

    He that is in me, is greater than he that is in the world.

  21. the George Bush one is hilarious

  22. DARYL GEANGA says:

    if ur gonna make a conspiracy video plz make it factual! completely taken out of context. i watched nicki manaj on ellen and the alter ego's she was talking about was of a character she was playing for a new movie/sitcom not herself

  23. Horrible acting lol Its all bullshit people. These clips were planned and/or pre recorded as stock footage for future "events". They get paid to fool you so you keep watching this shit like an addict. It's all acting. The Media/Entertainment industry now runs the world. It now recognised how easy it is to trick and manipulate people, since most all of you watch or listen to TV daily. And Bush is just a fuckn stuttering idiot. He only got the job because he's family. He's listening to an ear piece, and he's bad at delivering lol no fuckn Mk ultra lol just another chapter in the soap opera of life. And those who write the story are the ones who own the air waves. Crak-TV, it's good for the mind and soul ?

  24. Kris01 1118 says:

    Beyoncé is like DUH WHATS UP DOC?

  25. cx4null4 says:

    die sind einfach nur high weil ihr sozialer Level das zulässt zumindest die promis da. wie jayz und seine uschi…ich meine die steht doch in dem ausschnitt nicht unter Mind control nur weil die so ist… Unglaublich was man sich so zusammenreimen kann whatever

  26. Little Poet says:

    People like you are messed up there not puppets nor hypnotized I act this way sometimes too I feel like I get lost and zone out not hypnotized

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