‘Moment of truth is near:’ Israeli Air Force set to attack Iran



Israel has once again demonstrated its readiness to launch a massive assault on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The Israeli Air Force is geared up and ready to strike as soon as the order is given, a major Israeli TV station reported.

­A reporter from Israel’s Channel 10 TV station has spent several weeks interviewing pilots and other military personnel at an Israeli air base. Dozens of pilots are inspired with the prospect of Israel’s first full-scale air campaign in 30 years. Most of the interviewees spoke openly about the “year’s preparations” that are now almost over, as the country heads towards a hot and tense summer.

“Dozens if not more planes” are being prepared to carry out an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites, the reporter Alon Ben-David said. This includes F-15 fighter jets, escort planes and air tankers to refuel the squadron en route to its target.

Unmanned drones are also expected to play a role in the operation. The all-weather fully-automatic UAV Eitan was designed for strategic reconnaissance but reportedly has assault capabilities as well. “This plane can do all that is required of it when the order is given,” one of the pilots said as cited in the report.

When the order is given, the assault will be “short and professional,” pilots say.

Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan warned earlier that, although IAF has the capability to deliver a crushing blow to Iran’s nuclear facilities and wipe out years of research, such an attack would have serious repercussions. He said that such an operation would trigger a war in Gaza – and that in retaliation, Iran would launch hundreds of missiles at Israel.

One of major problem the IAF will be facing is the Russian-made advanced anti-aircraft systems deployed in many countries across the region, including Iran and Syria. Israel’s military personnel are aware that by no means will all of them get home safe from the mission.

Moreover, the pilots had already been told where their families would be moved when the assault begins – proof that attack day is drawing close, as the report mentions.

Israel believes that a nuclear-equipped Iran would pose an existential threat to it. As a result, Israel has repeatedly reiterated its threats to deal with the issue militarily. Defense Minister Ehud Barak even spoke of a three-month deadline for Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions, which ends in mid-summer.

Iran insists that its nuclear program is fully civilian, and any enriched uranium it produces is for medical and research purposes. The Islamic Republic has even said it is ready to make concessions on its nuclear program if the West takes “confidence-building measures” and lifts the crippling sanctions. “We are ready to resolve all issues very quickly and simply,” Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said in an interview with the Iranian news agency ISNA.

“It can speed up the process of negotiations, reaching results,” Salehi said, “if there is goodwill.” Iran is currently under four sets of UN sanctions over its nuclear program. The US and EU have also slapped Tehran with their own sets of sanctions, targeting the country’s financial markets and oil industry.

The nuclear talks between Iran and six major world powers resumed on April 14. The latest meeting in Turkey was described as generally successful by the majority of participants, and the next round is scheduled for May 23 in Baghdad. Many consider these talks to be the last chance for a peaceful solution.

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  1. Observertherealone says:

    Okay… first up: Israel does NOT want a war with Iran. If Iran continues to make its threats against the existence of the only true democracy in the Middle East, Israel has no choice but to defend itself. Israel does not want to expand her territory. If she truly wanted that, she would never have given up square inch of land she had conquered in previous wars. Further, with the best army in the region, the most effective air force and nuclear weapons (going way back to the mid 70s) IF Israel had wanted to conquer vast stretches of the Middle East she would have done so decades ago.
    A similar case holds for the USA – only on a global scale.
    The USA does NOT want to control the world. NO….. stop! You were just about to say “Yes, it does!” Then you (whoever you are) were going to cite all the American bases around the world; American troops in Iraq & Afghanistan and yada, yada, yada.
    Listen. The USA has the greatest military force in the planet since the history of… forever. It has an airforce which is second to none and a navy that can project its power around the globe on a series of fronts simultaneously. IF the USA truly wanted to control the world, it could do so within a week. No hundreds of millions of Chinese troops on the ground or Russian nukes could withstand the USA’s strike forces or nuclear deterrants.
    You wanna argue military strategy… ? Don’t waste your time. The disparity and rivalries of all other powers throughout the world mean that no coalition against the USA could ever last more than a day; the world’s nations simply all hate each other far too much, let alone the non-democratic ones which might wish to eliminate the USA.
    The USA COULD conquer the planet if it needed to. But it DOESN’T. Period. If you believe that it does want to, you’re totally deluded by the plethora of conspiracy-this and conspiracy-that nonsense. So, don’t waste your time trying to make arguments about the USA being in this country or that country or has this financial arrangement or that undercover agency or 9/11 was a put up job or whatever.
    These constant moronic arguments that there is some kind of USA/Israeli/Zionist conspiracy to take over the planet are nothing but moonshine! At the heart of these conspiracy arguments lie two things: Hatred of Jews and jealousy of the prosperity that theUSA’s democratic capitalist system usually brings. Despite her current economic woes, the USA will recover. Similarly, Israel will always prevail. Nothing, it seems, angers US/Jew haters more than to see these two nations thrive.
    So, do me a favour. Don’t flatter yourself that YOU know the truth, and that I am some “Zionist shill” or whatever. [And for fuck’s sake! If you’re gonna try to shoot me down, at least be original! “Zionist shill”! What a fucking cliche!!]
    Lastly, most commentators who revel in forecasting doom for Israel &/or the USA or vent bleed their hearts out for nations who oppose them, don’t realise what the world would be without the Pax Americana. They have this foolish notion that if the USA and / or Israel were gone, then suddenly everything would be flowers and sunshine and kumbaya! Nothing could be further from the truth. Only those utterly ignorant of the history of the world would think that without the USA and Israel all would be peace. It would not. It would be chaos!
    The relative peace we are now experiencing – and it IS a RELATIVE peace – is something we take for granted and is something that the USA struggles to maintain. Those who try to argue that the USA incites wars are being deluded by the twisted arguments forwarded by those who wish to see America’s destruction. The nations of this world are quite capable of finding reasons to war against each other readily enough… or have we forgotten World Wars I & II? Or are people out there so utterly out of touch with reality that they want us to believe America CAUSED both those wars, too?!
    I hope the USA / Israel hold their current hegemony, for if ever either should fall into obscurity or irrelevance, WW3 will follow. Out of the carnage, a global government will ensue that will be a tyrrany that will make Stalin, Mao and Hitler look like amateurs. Attending such a global tyrrany would be an escalation in regional wars worldwide so terrible as to be beyond imagining. This is not prophecy – it’s history. Every lesson from history shows this: with the collapse of a hegemon, anarchy and destruction follow. Thereafter tyrants rise, purportedly offerering ‘order and security’, but instead they merely suppress the people and freedom vanishes.

    • lol says:

      That’s the worst analogy i’ve ever heard. You’re obviously on drugs, are you seriously 15 or something? US canno’t just go around nuking and bombing and taking over the world, like its prancing around or taking a walk in the park.. why? Because people will realise the truth, so, they do it in COVERT means.. what does that mean? So ignorants like you will talk the way you talk and think the way you think, defend their actions through your own means of opinion, based on what? Because you think they “dont want to?” Or that their “just too nice” to take over the world? WOW.

  2. buff24seven says:

    This desire on the part of American governments to control the world is actually destroying the country. Slowly but surely America is dying having expended its treasure on death and destruction to preserve a foolish and useless attempt at ruling the world. That is simply no longer possible if it ever was. All the deaths, all the wars, all the violence spread by the US all over the world has done nothing but earn it the hatred of the world’s peoples and the very real potential for terrible blowback.

  3. Archie1954 says:

    What makes you think that the little rogue nuclear equipped nation of the Middle East won’t ignore the talks taking place. You know they have a habit of ignoring UN resolutions for instance. Let them go ahead and let them suffer the full consequences of their foolishness. You can only cosset fools for a short time before they blatantly destroy themselves.

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