Mos Def AKA Yasiin Bey Speaks Out Against New World Order/Illuminati System


Mos Def talks about his recent legal troubles and vents about the powers that be and their goals and tricks. Mos Def being interviewed by Ferrari Sheppard …


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  1. …, And in Allah should the Faithful (ever) put their trust.3:122.  Behold ! verily on the friends Of Allah there is no fear, Nor shall they grieve; Those who believe And (constantly) guard Against evil For them are Glad Tidings I the life of the Present And on the Hereafter: No change can there be In the Words of Allah. This is indeed The supreme Felicity. 10:62-63.

  2. "They" promote distraction and fear.

  3. Minister Bey !! PREACH

  4. Zeek Word says:

    people love to control people and they use bullshit laws and bullshit religion and bullshit politics siding wars its all conflict

  5. Mos Def is a very outgoing and caring man he is my role model & idol. I respect him and look up to him for standing up to an evil government system known as the United States.

  6. MOS is the ONLY Rapper I'll support from 2016 – The End … Hip Hop is fuckin dead… Besides the MC's on his level.

  7. sonyablessed says:

    what he is talking about, people was saying this in the 60's and 70's, like MLK, Malcolm, and the panther's. The government made shore to get rid of all of them to stop the resistance, pump drugs into our communities, to destroy the next generation and any generation that would come after that. Now we have a generation full of weak, powerless, people ,with no fight in them!!
    And they really don't care because the media has brain washed them!

  8. sonyablessed says:

    white people can gain off of illegal activity and pass that wealth down to their children like; Joe Kennedy, trump, Rockefeller's, and all the other elite.

  9. This is the most real interview. Blacks vs Whites, Christians vs Muslims, Homo vs Hetero or Republican vs Democrat. They got us fighting each other but not fighting the source of all the evil. The Jewish Zionist scumbags.

  10. the fact of the matter is you have to realize although some things in the media can be altered and photo shop, remember at one point everything was being hidden, media was and still is be controlled by the riches people of the world but we also have developed some controll, we get to post, blog, tweet and be put on the air and we speak and observe truth and we spread very important information to eachother like most def is do right now, we know our true history because of the Networks we can trust. we can tell what's true and what's not, we do re-research those of us that enjoy reading. where's Most Def now?

  11. Morbid says:

    Pete Rock beat. NICE

  12. Big ups to Yasiin Bey! What I don't understand is why he chose Capetown South African to live when that area has as much racial problems as the USA? Anyway..I will always be a fan and I hope he finds peace. Good interview!!

  13. spikeEdt T says:

    allways like" mos def" Speak out and put it on the powers that take away your freedoms hes a great man ,,, not the same religion as he is yet the peace his face can smile so well… love that smile … speak out when you got the chance all true problems we must address now not later,,,,! go my man! love peace unite all religions and we win peacefully/amen god bless you and good luck in south Africa??? ltr..peace be yours old friend,,,,,,amen.

  14. maaan they tryna turn this world into a cell

  15. wow that last line

  16. yo, Put links to the references that he's talking about in the description box. this truth movement needs to step it's game up

  17. Truths says:

    I have some insight on these adversaries,Illuminati foes ,I'm one of their victims ,I'll be coming out with a book soon .Their recruiting your next door neighbor people wake up.They use family members and even so call friends to try to get to me.These people are not billionaires there middle class even low class black people._Open your eyes I'm coming to expose even the political sorcerers.

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