Murder machine: Militarized US police

Paul Craig Roberts

Update: Here is a report on the autopsy. The facts directly contradict the false information police apologists are sending around the Internet. Note that the Missouri governor blamed the violence on the black community, not on the police who enraged the black community by gratuitously murdering a black teenager. One reader suggested that the macho goon thug cops with their military gear should be sent to Iraq where ISIS would cut them to ribbons.

Murder machine Militarized US police

I wasn’t surprised at some of the crude comments and hatred expressed toward blacks that came from a few white male anti-immigration Republicans in response to my article Cops Gone Wild. A few were so choked with rage over a “f****** pinko-liberal-commie” who would take the side of a “black bully thief” over the police that they never read beyond the introductory comment about Ferguson. Criticizing police can ignite the same kind of hysterical hatred as criticizing the Israeli government’s murders of Palestinians.

As readers know, I often emphasize that a significant percentage of the population is incapable of thought and rational response. They want to hear what they want to hear and go into a rage when they don’t. They read not to learn but to have their ignorant biases substantiated.

Perhaps this is the way Americans have always been. However, it seems to me that it is much worse today than I remember from earlier decades. However mindless Americans might have been in the past, they seem much more so today.

Indeed, the media seems to speak with one voice – the government’s. Even academic freedom has been terminated in universities. There are so many examples.

One of the most notorious examples is the case of Professor Norman Finkelstein, whose parents were holocaust survivors. Finkelstein, who is Jewish, is a distinguished scholar who became a high-profile critic of Israel’s misguided and immoral policies toward the Palestinians. The Zionist Lobby was able to reach into DePaul University, a Catholic university, and cause the cowardly president to overrule the decision of the Political Science Department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Personnel Committee, supported by the student body, to grant Finkelstein tenure.

Some suspect that the Zionist Lobby bought off the university president with promises of financial support for the university. Whether bribes were combined with threats, the university president, in my opinion, is a person devoid of integrity, and he drove a dagger through the heart of academic freedom and allowed Zionists to determine who receives tenure at DePaul University. Why parents would send their sons and daughters to such a university is beyond me.

Zionist attacks on American academic freedom are routine. Professor William Robinson of the University of California, Santa Barbara, tells the story of his experience with the Zionist Lobby on Jewish critics of Israel’s behavior cannot be called “anti-semites.” The Zionist Lobby invented a new term for Jews afflicted by a moral conscience – “self-hating Jew.”

The Zionist Lobby with its ridiculous “enforcement organizations,” such as the ADL, by misusing the “anti-semite” accusation have made “anti-semite” and “self-hating Jew” badges of moral honor. Once upon a time, “anti-semite” referred to a person who disliked Jews in general and perhaps wished harm to be inflicted on every Jew. Today “anti-semite” means a person who objects to the illegal and immoral policies of the Zionist regime, the government of which does not speak for all Jews or even for all Israelis.

Zionists focus on silencing their critics because Zionist policies cannot stand examination.

We see a similar response on the part of many Americans who rush blindly to the defense of the police whenever psychopaths with badges murder a black, a hispanic or a homeless person.

The gratuitous violence employed by police is no more justified than the gratuitous violence employed by the Israeli military toward Palestinians. “Law and order conservatives” confuse police accountability with the coddling of criminals and terrorists. They are unable to comprehend that unaccountable police are a greater threat to them than are criminals without badges.

This brief video, sent by a reader, shows how the militarization of US police has produced a murder machine.

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  1. common law private attorney general Chris says:

    Precisely NOT “Militarized” ; more accurately: “MILITANT”ized see Blacks or other reputable Dictionary[s]?

  2. Gary says:

    Something to consider. A) Supposedly the police officer knew that Michael Brown was a very big guy 6’4″ 280+ pounds based on the new articles. B) Police officer also knew that this guy was combative and liked to push smaller persons around, C) Given A and B, the police officer should have called on his radio for backup, stating that he has spotted the suspect and that he would need help to apprehend. Note that it is suppose to be the officers duty to apprehend persons suspected of criminal activity or a complaint. It is not the duty of a police officer to use deadly force and kill a person. The legal system is responsible to determine guilt and dole out punishments. We tend to forget that our officers have the easily ability to keep themselves from harms way by using the RADIO that is in their car, and often on their person, to simply maintain an observation of a person to apprehend and seek help. I did not see any news articles about Michael Brown waving a weapon around which implies that no one else was in immediate danger. The huge problem with this immediate fall back to using deadly force, rather than the radio, getting backup / help, is that citizens are now beginning to fear the police more than the criminals. In years past, I would have stopped to help an officer that might be in physical trouble with someone. But now, I have my doubts as to if I would actually stop or not. Might consider calling 911, but would be leaning towards not rendering any physical assistance. This change in mind set is due to the endless stories of the “Shoot First” mentality that has emerged around our militarized police forces.

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