Murder One! The Theft of America’s Copyrights


Jim Kirwan

Time-Warner “Surrender All Rights”

The Trans Pacific Partnership colossus is receiving a great deal of play at the moment but there’s another side to the story that shows just how criminally-focused these same corporations still are, who are pushing to murder the rights of any nation that dares to challenge TPP.

Murder One! The Theft of America’s Copyrights

What does the criminal-FTC say about this illegal-coup?

Before I came to the web, I was a free-lance-writer submitting articles and illustrations to magazines and newspapers that I thought might be interested in publishing more about what was going on during those times. One of those magazines was Ad Busters. I didn’t understand why they refused until the Color-Revolutions were outed with Soros in the supporting role: Surrounding the Anonymous Movement that failed because it was designed to fail!

I submitted three articles to Adbuster’s in 2000. The first was about the Time-Warner heist of all private-copyrights that were to be stolen by the ‘Big-Two’ who wanted to revolutionize everything to do with creativity by stealing the copywritten work of every artist, writer and illustrator who worked for either company at the time. None of the three articles were printed.

The second article dealt with the illegality of copywriting trees, bushes and plants in nature: Because those who sought the copyrights had not proven to have improved or changed anything, to legally-qualify them to “OWN” any part of the natural world.

But the courts rulings stood and again the human race lost out to filthy-money and to criminal-enterprises at the expense of any future that we might have ever had.

The third article was the Human Genome Project and the massive rip-off of that “project” which was another public-private-partnership that is destroying the ability of people anywhere to retain control over their own bodies or their own lives.

Most still don’t know they don’t actually OWN their own bodies. Corporation’s control many parts of millions of people because they were allowed to patent parts of the Human-Genome, for private profit and no – that story wasn’t followed either.

It was more than possible, at the time, to challenge these two Corporations on legal grounds because in the Time-Warner Crime; what they were stealing was the copywritten work of hundreds of thousands of people, just to make a bigger corporate footprint in the entertainment world. The cases that challenged those copyright-thefts were simply ignored and with the arrival of the New Millennium, people had already lost control over the plants animals and trees as well as food-production in the world. That fact is only just now being faced, because of what’s at stake now in the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Time-Warner had no right to do what they did: But they got away with it because unless they could steal those rights there was nothing worth paying-for between those two criminally-inspired-corporations.

The reasons it went through hinged upon the need for the High-tech world to prove its celebrity in the new millennium, by stealing from the past, while ignoring the rights of those who had created that past. But since the company did not understand what they’d stolen, the BS merger eventually came apart, because of their massive thefts and the fury that their actions created…

At the time there was no Supreme Court interference that should have stopped the whole thing immediately because this clearly involved the misuse of copyright laws: to create a massive commercial incentive which has given the world Monsanto’s theft of most of the world’s foods—through GMO reconfiguration of the entire natural world. These copyrights have not created anything new—ergo no patent was justified. This was done to kill the usefulness of nature: By killing off choice to people anywhere: Corporations will soon be able to control any choice about whatever food that anyone can eat.

Once the natural plants have been killed by illegally-artificial and copywritten-seeds and plants, then corporations will be in-charge of nature and the food supply for the entire planet. These illegal patents are already responsible for the deaths of millions of farmers worldwide. Where the hell is the rage & the outrage that could prevent this immediately on a global­scale!

Many of these same issues are at-stake in the TPP agreement: But for obviously different reasons. This illegally created global-trap is based on another totally illegal-construct: The idea that there can even be something in the world called: “Corporate-Nationhood” which is a blasphemy against the world!

The current possibility came about because the U.S. Supreme Court illegally granted corporations the ILLEGAL paper-right of “Corporate-Personhood” which was an incredibly obscene affront to the entire human race!

There’s a more personal reason for my interest in this one too. FACEBOOK has stolen, thru their self-declared and totally-illegal “rules” over the twice copywritten work of mine that involves over 300 images. The reason this was a problem at the time was because I couldn’t get a lawyer or a law-firm anywhere to take on FACEBOOK under any circumstances: Regardless of the imperative-nature of the case that needed to be fought and won, if the terms of the copyrights were to be upheld.

The creatures that did this are the same criminal-Jews that need to arrested tried and executed for what they’ve done to the United States. That will happen, but not because of anything they did to me.

But there’s something we can all do about this crime, this time!
“TPP’s Intellectual Property section also boosts GMO and drug monopolies

If you think the Monsanto Protection Act was bad, watch out for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a multilateral trade agreement being negotiated in secret, which subverts national sovereignty for corporate rule.

On Nov. 13, WikiLeaks released the August version of a section of the TPP, the Intellectual Property chapter, which addresses not only traditional creative copyrights, but also genetic and pharmaceutical patents, as well as surgical procedures.

The still-secret latest version will be negotiated in Salt Lake City, Utah from Nov. 19-24. A protest is planned for noon on Nov. 19 at the host site, the Grand America Hotel.”

k: If you can’t get there then at least help someone else to go in your stead.Write about this event. Demand answers from any and all who attend it. If you can’t do anything else send this link to those that might still give a damn about what’s happening in the world right now!

“The TPP forbids a member nation from passing any laws not “consistent with the provisions of this Chapter.” In the version provided by WikiLeaks, we see which nations propose or object to specific terms. None of these countries object to supplanting national laws with the TPP.

Built on the 1994 TRIPS Agreement (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights), the leaked chapter of the TPP came from the 19th Round of Negotiations at Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, and also covers the prosecution of copyright or intellectual property infringements or violations, criminalizing such infringements and requiring imprisonment for what is now a civil matter.”

WikiLeaks’ Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange describes the terms as creating a “patent prosecution highway.”

The Intellectual Property chapter (or here) devotes 21 pages to patents for drugs and genes; copyrights cover 16 pages, enforcement covers 24 pages, with the final section of 15 pages addressing how they plan to punish internet service providers whose clients violate the new IP rules.

Assange remarked: If instituted, the TPP’s IP regime would trample over individual rights and free expression, as well as ride roughshod over the intellectual and creative commons. If you read, write, publish, think, listen, dance, sing or invent; if you farm or consume food; if you’re ill now or might one day be ill, the TPP has you in its crosshairs.

Thom Hartmann’s read of the TPP IP chapter leads him to conclude, “The provisions would stifle innovation, creativity, and information sharing, all under the guise of protecting intellectual property.” (1)

This is about excessive copyright protections’ that were meant for corporate use only—it was never meant to protect those who actually create things that can be legally copywritten. Creative people are now illegally discriminated against routinely in the courts, when they face corporate or government interests over any given issue. Creative people are not allowed to protect their copyright’s when and if those copyrights might be more useful to a Corporation than to the person that created what was copywritten in the first place. But this is also about the right to be free to protect those ideas and images which belong to the individual and not to god-damned corporations that need to be charged with their crimes and forced out of the idea of both Corporate Personhood & Corporate Nationhood ­ because the free-will of the planet depends upon ending these two long-ignored-crimes against humanity!

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1) TPP’s Intellectual Property section also boosts GMO and drug monopolies

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