[MUST WATCH] Joel Skousen on Scenario World War 3/ NWO 2016 Is Coming ( Pls SHARE)


An Interview with Joel Skousen 2016!!! Please visit online at : http://www.joelskousen.com/


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  1. that's true they are coming here to escape..the atrocities over there..but they're those that Obama's letting come over here mixed in with the good people..and they're the ones that want to KILL US!!!

  2. Brad Fuller says:

    There is now an ugly rumor going around that Trump has been given a deal he can't refuse (20 b) to throw the election. Looking at his campaign coming off the rails the rumor may have some validity.This from ex Marine Intelligence chief Robert Steel :

  3. Dan inWY says:

    pushing to get Christie to win in NH? This is old news. Rehash.

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