Mysterious, purple spheres found in the desert



It was a normal Sunday in Vail for Geradine Vargas. Normal, until she and her husband stumbled upon something kind of weird.

“We were taking photos around the area and we just…. I mean, how could you miss this?” Geradine said. “It was just like glittering in the sun.”

Thousands of tiny, purple-hued spheres piled in the middle of nowhere.

Mysterious, purple spheres found in the desert

“It’s just one of those things that you’ve never seen before.”

They were watery, some where translucent, and the pile was completely isolated. Gerardine was amazed, and she wanted answers.

“We did email a friend of ours who’s a zoologist, but she didn’t know.  I mean, she didn’t seem to recognize what it was.”

So, she sent KGUN-9 pictures of the spheres, hoping we could find some answers.

We checked out the mysterious spheres for ourselves, and learned they were still there. They’re like gooey marbles that ooze out a water substance when squished.  They roll, they shine, and they’re out of this world.

Geradine was dying to know what they were, and so were we.

We spoke to Darlene Buhrow, director of marketing at Tucson Botanical Gardens, who’s husband is a botanist. He said if these are something naturally occurring, they could be a slime mold or jelly fungus.

We’ve received tons of calls into the newsroom tonight from viewers who think they are a product like Deco Beads, which are tiny, colored, water-filled spheres that keep plants hydrated.

But thousands of them? In the middle of the desert?

No one is positive what these spheres are, and for now, all we can say for certain is that they’re definitely out of the ordinary.

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  1. phugemawl says:

    Does anyone remember the movie “Cocoon”?

  2. Dude! says:

    What do they taste like?

  3. Wily says:

    With all the Lucferious draconian things going on it’s hard to call. I think something else may be going on here. Most likely not manna (why purple in color?) from Heaven! Might be something to keep tabs on, seems odd, very odd, even w/all the other crap happening! Does aluminium or compounds found (or not) in them?! If void of these compounds, I wonder!

  4. common law p.a.g. Chris says:

    Who Knows what Evil comes DISguised a pretty desirable shiny appearing Things? Kind of recalls some of the POD, Blob, Replicator Alien Invasion movies of 50′ 60’s and Beyond? Most Likely NEW Hybridized Nano Engineered Viruses or Bacterium some ONE may VERY carefully acquire sampELs in clean sterile Bags or Containers (Double Bag for added Protection Place in Thermos Cooler and NOT in cabin of Vehicle for TransportEL to NON-Governmental Independent; Third Party PEER Review analytic Lab for analysis? Pray?

  5. gary says:

    Or somebody used the shells to smuggle some drugs.

  6. Archie1954 says:

    i hope they gathered some for further analysisi.

  7. david frobel says:

    must be somone dumped them there as a joke or they may be from some manufactoring thing,,,whotever I wouldent be playing whith them,,,

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