Mystery fireball caught falling to Earth in the skies over Vermont


A man in South Paris, Maine captured a rare sight on his camera-phone this weekend.

While driving down Route 26 Saturday evening, Bruce York saw a bright flame out of the corner of his eye he says looked like a fireball.

He took out his phone and started recording the phenomenon, capturing about two and a half minutes of footage.

Mystery fireball caught falling to Earth in the skies over Vermont

What is it? A man in Maine captured this mysterious fireball in the sky and posted the video to YouTube and Facebook hoping to get answers

Cameraman: Bruce York saw the mysterious object Saturday evening, while driving near South Paris, Maine

He immediately posted the video to YouTube and Facebook in hopes of getting an answer about the mysterious falling flame.

‘It didn’t look like anything that I’ve ever seen before,’ Mr York told WMTW. ‘It didn’t look like any footage I’ve ever seen of a meteorite or a comet. It just struck me as odd.’


As of Thursday the video on YouTube had garnered nearly 23,000 views, and several people on the internet have stepped up to identify the enigma.

Some say it could be a contrail from an airplane or a fuel dump.

Mysterious fireball spotted over Maine


‘I really don’t dare to wager one way or another what it is. I really don’t,’ Mr York said. ‘I just, I’m hoping somebody will contact me and say “OK, Here’s what happened. Here’s what he caught on video.”‘

The most confident answer came from Edward Gleason, a staff astronomer at Southworth Planetarium at the University of Southern Maine.

Gleason says that while it could be a meteor, the fireball is most likely ‘space junk’ or pieces of a satellite breaking up and falling to earth.


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