NASA Evidence: Alien Spaceships Patrol The Planets


By Terrence Aym

US and Russian Martian space probes have mysteriously vanished over the past four decades. One probe was allegedly destroyed by a gigantic cylindrical UFO miles long. Probes and manned vehicles have been stalked, tracked—sometimes harassed—by alien ships. Some investigators now advance the theory that the solar system isn’t ours, it’s owned and patrolled by a master intelligence that views humanity as lowly, but interesting (maybe amusing), animals. Are the planets theirs? Do the ETs own and defend them? Some investigators believe the answer is yes.

Evidence of past civilizations litter the lunar and Martian landscapes. Earth probes capture glimpses of bases. Mars’ salmon-colored sands sweep across half-buried saucers and gleaming, inhabited alien structuress. Disc-shaped craft orbitmonitoring, tracking, patrolling…

‘Notched’ UFOs spotted orbiting Earth and Mars

The now-retired US space shuttle flew several missions where astronauts were followed by odd UFOs shaped like classic flying saucers sporting a distinctive notch at the rear of the craft similar to a pie with a slice removed.

Alien craft photographed by STS-75 astronauts [NASA]

Space shuttle photo of a notched UFO in Earth orbit [NASA]

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have also managed to snap photos of these ominous interlopers–photos that NASA has not always been able to suppress, or to explain away.

Yet, according to some investigators, these alien craft may be patrol craft keeping an eye on military installations, space missions and humanity’s slow progression forward into the solar system.

Mission accomplished: Alien craft leaves shuttle vicinity [NASA]

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                                                            [Images courtesy of NASA]

The aliens may not be happy that humans are trespassing on their property. Stirring evidence has been put forward by ex-NASA employees like Ken Johnston [See NASA Whistleblower: Alien Moon Cities Exist] and others that alien cities exist on the Moon.

Colorized image shows notch (arrow) and energy rim [NASA]

Some evidence also exists the artifactsthat certainly seem to be spread across the surface of Marsare not all ancient.

Computer modeling reveals dynamics of notched UFOs

Wrecks of abandoned ships have been photographed and bases that seem to be operational too.

Wreck of alien notched disc craft half-buried on Mars (colorized enhancement) [NASA]

A second alien notched UFO found abandoned on Mars [NASA]

Russian space probe: Attacked by alien cylinder near Phobos? [Roscosmos]

Plus, there’s evidence of the miles-long cylinder ships that not only seem to patrol Mars, but are also in or near the rings of Saturn and are sometimes even spotted in Earth skies or near Earth orbit.

Evidence of extraterrestrial mining operations

Since the 1800s, strange goings-on have been spotted on some of Earth’s celestial neighbors: domes and lights have been spotted traveling across the Moon; mysterious flashes have been spotted emerging from the clouds over Venus; and anomalous features have appeared and then disappeared on the Martian plains.

The solar system seems to be crawling with extraterrestrials.

Spirit Rover photo of alien base in the distance [NASA]

Later into the 20th Century, as spacecraft began traveling to the Moon and Mars, more unsettling anomalies surfaced.

The Martian alien base base enlarged. [NASA]

Martian object claimed to be alien vessel or machine [NASA]

Now, more than half a century into the Space Age, reams of data, images and bizarre readings are archived.

The combined harvest of information paints an unmistakable picture of a vast alien presence that may well extend many light years across the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way galaxythe region that Earth is located in among the stars.

Author George Leonard wrote a remarkable book in 1977 the book Somebody Else Is on the Moon became an instant Ufology classic. Bursting with official NASA photos that clearly provided visual evidence that strange machines Leonard dubbed X-drones roamed the lunar surface scouring craters and digging into the Moon’s crust mining for rare elements.

From book: X-drones (arrows) mine the Moon [NASA]

Another photo of Leonards X-drones [NASA]

Leonard’s drawing of gigantic screw embedded in lunar rift

Clearest photo ever of a lunar alien crater base

A lunar alien base constructed within the crater Delisle that’s a crisp, clear image was released by NASA [image AS15-2076 (M) above, NASA link here] taken by the Apollo 16 crew.

It appears on this NASA images page as Figure 199. Two craters, Delisle and Diophantus are in the photo. Delisle is the crater appearing at the top right of the photo.

Enlargement of Delisle crater reveals anomalies [NASA]

Enlarging the NASA photo of Delisle reveals very anomalous, artificial structures near the base of the crater at the bottom of the image. Further enlargement does not degrade the image very much and permits analysis of the higher resolution image and the artifacts that are present.

Two huge structures (circled) are in the crater. The one on the left is shaped like an upside down question mark. It is not an aberration of the image, lighting or processing. It is three-dimensional, not natural and miles long. The structure above the question mark structure is a walled base. The architecture is easy to see.

As to the purpose of these giant alien structures? Only the aliens know for sure.


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