NATO Now In Declared War With Russia!


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has just announced that the only reason Turkish military forces have entered northern Syria is to “end the rule of the …


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  1. Jarvis Shaw says:

    The Russians are the only ones with there heads screwed on

  2. Joe Darwish says:

    They are going to embezzle money through NATO into in EU Army if they pass the bills.

    While passing our USA tax payer dollars bills at the same time trying to pass the European political bills for this EU army in addition to NATO.

    Then while all that is going on they are using Democrats and liberals to use NATO and the UN to violate the USA Bill of Rights and the 2nd Amendment.

    Still giving the UN and NATO capitals to take away our freedoms.

    Which constitutes as excessive punishment and the right to remove and freeze these funds.

  3. HorsDagD Sr says:

    man i hate turkey. i remember what happened in 1492! theyll call it chicken instead if i got my hands on turkey!

  4. NATO hasn't paid it's dues in years so I don't see why we have to protect these member countries. I thought Bush was bad but my God Obama what a mess you've gotten this country in.

  5. I think nato is dreaming lol! war with Russia, everyone needs to start working together and start looking towards the stars, we need to come together…they are coming to reclaim planet earth…

  6. Standup says:

    just so you know Alex, we're at Defcon 3 not 5. Defcon 1 is the lowest.

  7. Joe Indie says:

    What I find funny is how Trump fooled the alt media, but it was a lose lose either way as always right? Trump is so Zionist and obvious, look at all the people he selects are Zionist. Plus he even said there is a clause in the constitution or something which states America MUST always defend and back up Israel no matter what… Sorry guys… Also he won't dare touch the issue of the private federal reserve… He just says what they all say "audit the fed" … Like so what? He had me going at times but he is a traitor, you guys will be super pissed when you see his true colours

  8. martin aaro says:

    wowowo, should in not be under artical 5, if one nation in alliance gets attacked the other countryes will help him but if the nation attacks the other nation , the rest of nato dont have to help him.“??????

  9. xhinder says:

    anything to distract from the 9.11 inside job…investigations. the culprits are yet to die a natural death. So the distraction and scaremongering goes on. Ofcourse not startted by russia but by the americcnts

  10. Edith Valdez says:

    Russia had being ready for that..
    Go go Russia…. nato will be defeatted soon…
    God God God Power.!

  11. jasonhank666 says:

    dont trust turkey its run by a muslim
    say no to muslims

  12. etnad 01 says:

    fucking turkey ruining everything

  13. let them go for it .methane and fukishima have us fucked anyway .were a speck of dust in the universe we dont matter

  14. wertyhog1981 says:

    Fear-mongering. Brushing details under the carpet. Assumptions. "Everybody knows about that".

  15. Don Gray says:

    I'm without word's,,,no just kidding….how much is Vladimir Putin putting in your coffers my God I woke up and you are a Russian citizen today,,,,Alucard is a monster and he's killing his own people,,along with the help of Russia and Putin,,all under the premise of running Isis out…do you not think we watch the real news,again you fail to miss the are entertainment and CNN is the real news,they will have the truth on Turkey,, this is why they are first in Cable News broadcasting,and thank God they live up to their on the other hand are like Mickey Mouse you are a novelty item,,, a pretty trinket one hangs from their keychain until the paint rubs off,,then they toss it in the trash your words today are a puke lie Spawn from the Sick-Gut of a spineless coward manipulator,,, good day.

  16. Tom Tom says:

    Cant we just get rid of Turkey and reclain Constantinople?

  17. Theragegamer says:

    Imagine if this was true???

  18. bruh i didnt know Alex had hairy triceps

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