NATO Soldiers Don’t Want To Work With Americans


Why should French soldiers be killed when American soldiers pee on dead Afghans? Or when American soldiers act stupid and burn the Quran?


If you are a coalition soldier in Afghanistan, your most urgent threat to life is no longer Afghan insurgents but reckless Americans who have turned Afghanistan more dangerous since they invaded and occupied it a decade ago.


In January, six French soldiers were killed by angry Afghan colleagues because American soldiers urinated on bodies of dead Afghans.

The incident was so ridiculous that French president Nicolas Sarkozy was forced to register the irony. “The French army is not in Afghanistan,” he said, “to be shot at by Afghan soldiers.”

Now, Georgian soldiers have apparently been killed by Afghan counterparts because some American soldiers burned and trashed copies of the Holy Quran, the third of the monotheistic holy books after the Bible and the Torah. The incident took place at Bagram, the largest American base in Afghanistan.

In Nangarhar province in southern Afghanistan on Thursday, American soldiers opened fire in the air to scare Afghans rioting outside a US military base in Khogyani district. In response, an Afghan soldier opened fire on the Americans killing two US soldiers instantly. US soldiers retaliated by killing two peaceful Afghan protesters.

For the past three days America’s biggest Afghan base is under virtual siege by hundreds of angry Afghan civilians trying to barge in and drag US soldiers and commanders out.

American diplomats, soldiers and CIA kill-squads hiding inside the complex are struggling just to stay alive. The incident has endangered the life of every NATO soldier. The worst part is that the insult to the religious sensibilities of Afghan Muslims means that NATO soldiers can expect to be killed any minute by even their colleagues in Afghan police and army whom they trained.

The resulting scenario is a nightmare: now every NATO soldier and every Afghan policeman and soldier are uneasy partners, wary of each other inside protected bases. The Quran burning by American soldiers has poisoned the relationship with Afghan police, military, and the man on the street. This is in addition to the many resistance groups fighting US occupation of their country.

Besieged Bagram is home to CIA and JSOC special-ops teams.

NATO soldiers are now feeling the heat and channeling out their anger toward US soldiers. “These cowboys fuck up as usual [but] why should we pay the price?” an officer in the Afghan National Army quoted his Spanish Army trainer telling him after the incident. The Afghan officer spoke to stringer in Kabul on condition of anonymity.

The Afghan Taliban, the largest of the resistance groups, urged Afghan people to attack American and NATO soldiers at sight. Analysts said this was a call to Afghan government officials and security personnel to use their access to foreign troops to facilitate attacks on them.

Canadian columnist Matthew Fisher accused US military of endangering the lives of 900 Canadian soldiers.

Writing in the Times-Colonist in Vancouver, Fisher argued:

“Thanks to a staggering blunder by American troops, the jobs of all NATO soldiers in Afghanistan, including more than 900 Canadian military advisers scattered across more than a dozen bases in Kabul and western Afghanistan, got more complicated and dangerous this week.”

The episode underscores how US military has turned now into an occupation force loathed by most Afghans.

It also shows how years of rampant anti-Islam mobilization in US, as a strategic choice by US intelligence agencies, think tanks and media, led American soldiers in Afghanistan to act disrespectfully.


American officials offered the most amusing spectacle after this blunder. President Obama and a long list of US diplomats and military commanders tripped over each other as they reached to Afghan people for apologies.

Leading the bunch was Obama who expressed his “deep regrets” and “sincere apologies” and promised to “hold accountable” those involved in Quran burning and trashing. The American general leading NATO forces, General John Allen, offered “the noble people of Afghanistan” his “sincere apologies for any offense this may have caused.”

For Pakistanis watching these developments, American hypocrisy was on full display. On 26 November, US military and possibly special operations teams from CIA and JSOC hunted down 26 Pakistani soldiers over a period of two hours. The US military ignored Pakistani emergency calls and pretended it did not know what was happening. Pakistani soldiers, surrounded, cutoff and outgunned, fought courageously until the last soldier atop an isolated mountain peak.

Despite this deliberate murder, apparently a punishment for Pakistani military for refusing to act as American lapdog, US president, Gen. Allen and others continue to refuse to apologize, in an obvious display of anti-Pakistanism which is rampant in US media and fostered by US government and military.

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  1. jan says:

    America, are increasingly standing out as the best contender for being the Antichrist,.I am English as appossed to British. And i can assure all you people out there that the Engish people do not, and never have supported the yanks regime, Which appears to us over here to be totally evil. There a disgrace, they let people die and suffer ill health, if they cannot pay there health care, they let there people starve, and go homeless when they have no money. So is it any wonder that they treat other nations with no respect,

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