NATO vs. Russia – World War 3 [Simulation]


WORLD WAR 3 SIMULATION – final battle !!! VS. NATO EST Facebook : …


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  1. and fuck u haters! go to IS or ukraine freecores if u wish to fight russia and u will see how funny it will be.
    dont know why russia should be worse then america? its not imperialistic, they dont make any geostrategy bullshit, just holding their interests.
    u only have been trolled by military propaganda of western industrials who may wish to get russian ressources.(or work for them like eagle tv?)
    anyway u will not be the winner of any war. only banks and concerns will be.
    because of people like them, hitler could rise…
    pls try to use your brain a little bit more and dont watch so much tv, and maybe the future has enough space for everyone and nation will work together to settle down in the solar system. That will be the beginn a new golden age of humanity!
    not: fight russian to get more space ugh ugh.. – thats stone age
    think outside the box! – didnt u learn from ww2 ?
    (but maybe we really need that war to clean mankind from people like them) … but problem is: when it gets hard, those are hidding at their parents and shit in their shorts.. and those bugs somehow survive every atomic war…

  2. at DE News; nice work but is it possible make that from a global sight with china and iran which are allied. and brasilia? Im not sure??? i think without american forces europe wont win because of too much inner problems which are upcoing through the last decade.(Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Ireland)

  3. Мечтайте об этом грязные натовцы

  4. Abas Aja says:

    Go russian go

  5. serbia witch russia

  6. i only watched a few minutes of this then I had to stop. I lol'd when Russia took back Georgia and Azerbaijan. Why would Russia want these states. it took over part of Georgia about 10 years ago. the Russian part with Russian speakers in it. nothing else. then I laughed when I saw that the east and west moved troops up to the borders. Russia has some troops at the borders, however, nato has considerable forces at the borders. this would be an air war first, then what ever side was loosing then the other would use tactical nuclear weapons at first in the air and then on land. then if they still wanted to keep fighting then it would go icbm. I think there is enough diplomacy in the world to know, there is no solution to the war. there would be a compromise to get peace long before that.I really thought that It was funny when Syria was invaded by blue down below. that is the point of which I stopped. like anyone cares about Syria. it could be an ally all it wants. it cannot attack Europe or the Americas. it would be left until after a war.

  7. The Brain says:

    Hahahahaha, you forget China's most powerful weapon that has been in existence for thousands of years: weapon of mass reproduction. Also, can't forget Venezuela, Ecuador, and Brazil. They'll be sending troops to the US directly. That won't defeat the US, but it will help China and Russia by distracting NATO's most powerful member. The surprise will be when Mexico goes against its long time ally, the US. Right now Mexico has a crappy military, but soon it will grow its military, and thanks to the US. However, it will not forget the betrayals the US has committed against Mexico. This will be the final blow to the US. Thermonuclear bombs will detonate on US soil, getting rid of all intelligence organizations. However, this thermonuclear bomb won't be as large as Hiroshima, as its sole purpose is to destroy headquarters and leaders. After the war, Mexico takes back its stolen land. NATO ceases to exist. The UN is terminated and replaced with the Unified Earth Organization. Unlike the UN, it will have executive power. No nation shall wage war against another unless sufficient proof has been demonstrated.

  8. Michael Lawn says:

    The video author forgot about the nukes.

  9. Bri Bu says:

    stupid…. some guys are watching to much transatlantic crap…

    just hope the big countries with atomic equipment wont fight against each other…. i know who will be the loser…

    we all…

    just pathetic videos like this…

  10. spoa saule says:

    That is Fantansy hahahaahahahaaa USA fear Russia in reality stop snitching

  11. Wasd Wasd says:

    estonia owning st petersburg estonia's population is 1 million the city st petersburg alone is 5 million 95% russian lol same with ukraine and many more

  12. şimdi aynısı oluyor rusya türklere savaş açtı natoda türkiyenin arkasında

  13. MrNidjo93 says:

    looooool hey dudes, russia and china can destroy europe in 1 hour if they want. what a joke! ?

  14. stupid video where are all the nukes

  15. TENGlobes says:

    Lol +De News is just a fucking Nazi 😀 + This Simulation is total shit

  16. Martin Papst says:

    russia would never really declare war on nato unless lifts would cause damage to the unityof nato or they increased ther sphere of influence. id say if there were an actual war it would be so one sided and there wouldnt be a complete victory on either side. when the US won the cold war russia wasnt completly demoloshed because treaties would be more affecting that distroying a country with a populus willing to fight foe the death for their beliefs and pride, like america. and whats with the death camp there not realy nazis and there leader isnt crazy.

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