Nazi’s have got us, World war 3!


Speech elections on election if there is a US or not.


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  1. where did he get these facts, their is no british empire

  2. mushu144 says:

    @Tommygun456 idiot. british empire AKA what?

  3. @mushu144 i meant not any more

  4. mushu144 says:

    @Tommygun456 the empire is no longer the old empire as we historically know it. It's the bankers he's talking about. the people who control money.

  5. @mushu144 you'll hav to forgive me, politics and economics are not my strong points

  6. mushu144 says:

    @Tommygun456 it's ok. but my point is, listen to what you're watching. He mentioned it in the video.

  7. @BenScheidegger im sorry, i didnt kno i was givin the impression that i was sum dumb ass 12 yr old. im actually sum dumb ass 2 yr old. im sry but i think i missed the "world war three" class (and ironicaly it was the only class i missed) oh and thanx for leavin "no offense" at the end, callin me n idiot 4 not knowin anythin about this unknown subject. buts it ok though cos u left me a "no offense" which makes it alright…………..jack ass

  8. Audi100ist says:

    no matter where they start the war, the innocent will suffer

  9. jon scott says:

    @BenScheidegger lol your fucking 14 the fuck do you know about fuck all, for the record i am fit and i make 16$ an hour can you say the same?
    your a morbidly obeese 14 yeal old little fuck whoes going to be doing the eact same thing your doing now when hes a little fuck watching youtube and not to mention a virgin forever.

  10. Dutch make only a war but fuck them Netherlands pwn them now!

  11. Smashingpain says:

    Too be honest, today's Nazis are the United States of America.

  12. hey do you remember that we are helping you fuckers in a war we started to back you up. if anyone is to start a war its you US fuckers. how dare you make things like this up when we spend all our time trying to satisfy you fucking pigs.

  13. bf110c says:


  14. Tanel Murd says:

    Britannia will not get no power!
    we all will be free has long this fucking planet exists!

  15. Background music at 00:54 ??

  16. the great german reich will win world war 3 this time they lost 2 times but this time it will win

  17. what this song called?

  18. there is no other option destroy brittian

  19. t Mann says:

    Crazy nut show!

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