NBC’s Chief Medical Editor Forced Her Kids to Sign Up for Obamacare as Their ‘Patriotic Duty’

Bradford Thomas | truthrevolt

On Morning Joe Monday, NBC’s chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman, after arguing that the “biggest fix” for the United States healthcare care system would be single-payer, happily announced that she had pressured her own children to subscribe for Obamacare as their “patriotic duty.”

Snyderman was introduced on to talk about a variety of problems, but when hosts Harold Ford, Jr. and Wes Moore converted the discussion to Obamacare, Snyderman brought out just how far left her professional viewpoint leans, using the failures of the ACA as a method to force for a single-payer system.

NBC’s Chief Medical Editor Forced Her Kids to Sign Up for Obamacare as Their ‘Patriotic Duty’

Ford: As a physician, what’s the biggest fix that can be done to ensure that better care, affordable care gets to people that don’t have it?

Snyderman: I think there should be a single-payer system. And, increasingly, you’re seeing physicians in their late 50s, 60s, and 70s, who are saying, “You know what, we got it wrong. We should have taken Medicare, expanded it, and done it smarter. Increase the bottom line for doctors so they don’t feel like they’re being nickeled and dimmed with 10% less than Medicare, 5%… Docs just want to be reimbursed a fair amount for hard work. This is making the terrain much, much, much, more difficult.

With Snyderman’s comments about Obamacare turning increasingly critical, Moore stepped in and tweaked the direction of the conversation to a more solution-based talking point:

Moore: You know what’s interesting? So you talk about your kids and you talk about… one of the big challenges for Obamacare and the rollout so far has been how do we get the young and how do we get the healthy to sign up for healthcare? Which was a dynamic prior to Obamacare. How do we get the young and how do we get the healthy… That’s the reason they came up with the plan.

Snyderman: So I made my kids sign up, because I just said this is your patriotic duty.

The expert opinion of NBC’s chief medical editor.

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  1. Sally G says:

    Badly expressed, but I was brought up to understand that the second I was off my parents’ insurance, I needed my own—they were not going to pay for any medical bills, I could not afford them, and what if I were in a car accident or broke a bone skiing? Sorry, she is absolutely right, unless the kids had a better option—most do not, though of course I do not know their situation. She is absolutely right that Obamacare got most of it wrong, but it is what we are stuck with for now. Thankfully, I am fortunate enough to be on traditional Medicare—and like most who have it, are very satisfied. I wish that we would let some younger, healthier, people into that homegrown, successful program.

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