Nerf War: Payback Time 2


In this episode of Twin Toys, twin kids, Eli and Liam just completed their good behavior sticker chart and daddy has a great plan to reward the twins on their …


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  1. At {59} seconds he should of said you got your sticker chart all full that means free porn for the next 69 months

  2. At 5:50 he looks like a retarded rapist looking for dat booty

  3. que merda e iso

  4. omg why am i watching this? lol

  5. Holy cow these preschooler's have more nerf guns than me!

  6. Je suis en vacances à Paris la 8 je vais rentrer chez moi

  7. So much spoiltness, omg im going to cry…. ??

  8. you should quit youtube

  9. good job this was posted a fue days ago and already has 1 million views good job love the video

  10. Pedro Cati says:

    how did they catch up with him it took like I minute to to get the car and
    chase him.

  11. 4:40 what vehicle is that?

  12. Nicske says:


  13. Fake and they are N00BZ

  14. Why am i here? Oh yea… I WATCH DA POLITICAL STUFF AND THIS COMESN ON????

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