New Details: Barack And Michelle Headed For Divorce

Robert Rich

As quiet mutterings become a single voice speaking in unison, it appears as if the façade the first couple puts up isn’t as opaque as they’d hoped. So what exactly is the state of THEIR union?

New Details Barack And Michelle Headed For Divorce

A little while back we reported that Michelle doesn’t seem too pleased with having to deal with the inconveniencies of holding the title “First Lady.” This along with a string of reports detailing Obama’s infidelities and blatant insults seems to have Michelle at her wits end.


The now, 21 year marriage seems to be dancing at doom’s door with only the end of Barack’s presidency being the light at the end of the tunnel.  Filled with, “screaming rows, allegations of infidelity and a string of jealous fights,” it appears as if the once glamorous and fairy-tale like marriage is headed for the rocks.

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The Commander-in-Chief was rumored to be in the company of several women both pre and during Presidency.  Seen up close and personal with women such as Vera Baker, and Kerry Washington—although Barack claimed the relationships to be strictly professional in nature–may have been the starting point of the inevitability of divorce between the two.


As years of Barack’s attention—although it would hardly seem it– has been mandated to the position he was elected to, it has definitely taken its toll on the relationship.  Michelle was reportedly already tired of being neglected, but as the relationship continued to grow sour, so did Barrack’s attitude toward it.

Just within the last few months the first couple—despite their best intentions to hide it—doesn’t appear quite as happy as they first were during his first term campaign trail.

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All the emotions finally broke through after Obama openly flirted with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt at the Nelson Mandela memorial service.  Sharing physical interaction and releasing their infamous “selfie,” proved too much humiliation for Michelle to handle.


The couple were said to have returned home where they hashed it out in an all-out screaming match heard by many of the White House staff.  Michelle was heard screaming, “I’ve had enough!” amongst other things and the couple now reportedly spends their nights in separate rooms.

This along with several other hints the couple has given prove to make this rumor seem more and more like truth.  During Halloween, apparently Obama acted out in defiance of the disapproving First Lady as he wanted to actually hand out candy despite Michelle’s attempts at encouraging the youth of America to eat healthier.  He told the public, “I told her the White House will get egged if we don’t.”


The Christmas photo the two posted on Twitter didn’t fill viewers with confidence either as the pic seemed staged.  Michelle, appearing as if she wanted nothing to do with Barack, seemed to have been forced to stand for the photo as Obama slings his arm around her.  After all, how good would it look if the “loving” first family wasn’t even touching at all?


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During the family’s tax-payer funded Hawaiian vacation, Barack returned home with the girls leaving Michelle on the island to celebrate her birthday with her more “glamorous” friends.  During the vacation, the two weren’t really seen having much fun together, in fact, it appeared to be the opposite of it.  Breaking hand holding as soon as possible it appears as if the relationship is now strictly for appearance sake.


Most recently, during Michelle’s 50th birthday party she was reported to have been away from Barack as much as possible.  Of course as she had 500 guests to entertain, some noted that, “She was working the room.”  Others say that after coat tailing her way to success through Barack, she’s apparently ready to step out from his shadow.  “She’s come into her own. Only time will tell what happens next.”

So what does exactly happen next?

Barrack has already reported that he is going to stay in Washington D.C. for a bit—to make sure his “work” isn’t undermined by his successor—before returning to Hawaii.  Michelle has also reported that she is going to be staying in Washington D.C. until her children graduate from high school—this is where things will go public.

After all, it couldn’t happen when Barack was in office.  Could you imagine the political damage it would do? The entire country already despises him, but for the one person who promised to be with him forever to leave him, it would be catastrophic—politically of course.


After the divorce, Barack will indeed ship off to Hawaii while Michelle is still undecided but there are whispers that she will return to Detroit.

What do you think—are these just rumors or do you think the Obama’s marriage is as fake as they are? Let us know in a comment below!

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