New Evidence Aliens Invading Our Solar System


By Terrence Aym

Now New evidence emerges that ETs not only visit Earth on a regular basis, but are also taking control of our entire solar system and all its assets.

Some UFO researchers have recently observed that perhaps the most amazing part of the six decade cover-up of the alien intelligences that surround us is the fact that evidence of them literally litters the Earth and other planets in our solar system.

Photo of alleged deep-space alien ship approaching solar system

Yet the mainstream media and most government agencies seem truly blind to the reality. That some intelligence and military agencies of the world’s great powers know of the extraterrestrials is not something most researchers question. The investigators only wonder just how much about the alien presence the governments in-the-know really know.

And what they know may not be much more than what the investigators know: next to nothing.

Researchers claim this is alien craft orbiting Saturn

Alien ships in the solar system

Analysis of Earth’s planetary neighbors reveals that alien spacecraft and artifacts abound. As far from Earth as the rings of Saturn, gigantic exploration and mining craft have been photographed. Earthlings may believe the planets of the solar system are the exclusive property of the human race, but other more advanced intelligences may give human explorers a rude lesson in property rights.

Infrared photo of Saturn’s rings reveals giant cylinder craft

The Saturn interstellar ship

Orbiting the rings of Saturn is a vessel that’s estimated to be miles longperhaps as long as 50 miles. It truly is a city in space and a craft engineered to travel comfortably between the star systems.

Sometimes humans forget that Earth is out in the glactic boondocksa tiny world orbiting a third-generation star way out in a lonely section of the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way.

When aliens come to visit they pack more than a picnic basket and seem to stay for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

This cylinder craft orbiting Saturn is not a moon. It was photographed by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft [NASA – JPL]

The ship orbiting Saturn is probably no exception. When ships like these are spotted in the atmosphere, people refer to them as “mother ships.” The description was coined by witnesses in the 1950s who saw huge cylinders in the sky accompanied by much smaller craft, usually disk-shaped.

The original frames of the Saturn ring shots are available at the NASA–JPL site as separate images:

Image one | Image two | Image three | Image four

The famous photo taken from the Soviet Phobos II probe, shows a cylindrical object approaching. Some estimate the object (craft?) is about 15.5 miles long. [UFO mag, vol 7, n. 1, 1992]

The Martian Phobos cylinder ship

The Russian space probe, Phobos II captured a controversial image with one last snap of its camera before the transmission abruptly ceased. Since the image was released to the world some theorize the object is a 15.5 mile long alien cylinder craft rapidly closing in on the defenseless little Russian spacecraft.

Close-up of Soviet Phobos II probe object

Others argue that the cylindrically-shaped image is simply an artifact of the transmission.

American probes, like NASA’s Mariner-9, obtained photos of the Martian surface that reveal what certainly appear as structures. This intriguing photo below, taken years before the famous “Face on Mars” in the Cydonia region, depicts something big that definitely looks artificial.

Mariner 9 frame 4209-75 [NASA-JPL]

Dr. John Becklake of the London Science Museum said of the structure: “The city-like pattern is 60 kilometers wide and could be easily be mistaken for an aerial view of Los Angeles.”

Others say the strikingly artificial-looking complex appears more like a modern airport terminal than a city.

Astronaut Musgrave knows aliens are ‘out there’ [NASA]

[Confirmed: Top NASA astronaut discloses shuttle encounter with disc UFO]

The lunar alien derelict ship and crashed craft

Artifact on lunar surface some claim is crashed ship

Curious artifacts are scattered across the otherwise barren lunar landscape. Objects like robot parts, gears and twisted pipes, the remains of crashed alien ships, and the crumbling remnants of once-magnificent gigantic alien citiesso claims former NASA employee turned whistleblower, Ken Johnston.

Former JPL employee, Ken Johnston, says alien cities are on the Moon

[NASA Whistleblower: Alien Moon Cities Exist]

Although some believe what’s on the Moon is ancient, others like George Leonard [Somebody Else Is On the Moon] say mining operations are going on right now with huge robot machines and automated space freighters transporting raw materials towhere? No one knows.

NASA Ranger-8 mission photographed cylinder (with shadow) hovering above Moon

Invasion of the alien cylinder ships

Artist’s depiction of a massive, enigmatic cylinder ship over a Southwestern town

Gigantic cylindrical UFOssome described as miles long—have been soaring through the skies for thousands of years. Reports of them go back as far as Alexander the Great and the Roman legions.

Stunning 1871 photo of cylindrical UFO

In America, cylinder UFOs have been seen—even photographed (see image above)—since at least the late 1800s. Some testimonies claim the huge, ominous craft were seen by Union and Confederate soldiers above some of the bloodiest battles during the Civil War.

Cylinder ship in Earth orbit [NASA]

Today, cylinder UFOs are still seen all over the world. Witnesses who see these huge alien vessels describe them as massive, utterly silent and able to suddenly move so fast they almost seem to wink out of existence.

Cylinder ‘mother ship’ above western Texas

USAF and Russian fighter aircraft have chased them through the skies. Reports from declassified documents—the testimony of shocked, sometimes frightened pilots—describes incredible craft able to ascend from several thousand feet altitude to 80,000 or 100,000 feet in mere seconds.

Artist’s interpretation of UFO seen by terrified citizens of New Mexico

During the last 24 months mammoth cylinder craft have appearedand sometimes been chasedover New Mexico, Texas, Mexico, Argentina, and northwestern Canada.

Cosmic craft: rogue worlds as spacecraft?

Could supremely advanced alien intelligences commandeer moons—even entire planets—as spaceships? Some visionary astrophycisists think so. Those moons or planets could be used as interstellar spaceships populated by alien explorers and scientists mapping out whole sections of the galaxy.

One such abandoned moon-ship may still be orbiting Mars today. Russian astrophysicist Dr. Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky argued strong evidence exists that Phobos is an artificial moon, hollowed out, and crammed with an ancient space dock, city and engineering wonders. [Astrophysicist: Giant Spaceships Are Orbiting Mars]

Phobos is mysterious and the focus of much investigation by both the Russian and American space agencies.

Astronomers call worlds traveling between the stars rogue planets.

How long will it be before you bump into one of these friends?


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