NEW PEPSI Existence H2o Functions ILLUMINATI SYMBOLS! PEPSI WTR SUPERBOWL Industrial Uncovered!


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  1. HAL 2000 says:

    God bless you call for uprising. Don't drink the water people it contains bisphenyl A . A known hormone disruptor.

  2. faaacker says:

    wooder? you're from nj huh?

  3. Are you gonna talk about Nibiru that's supposed to hit earth in October 2017 and end humanity?

  4. you work hard.its gonna pay good.Allah will reward you big.tou will be of those who walk in the middel as gods chosen.right side is for paradise left is hell

  5. ICK!!! I'm sure it tastes like crap anyways…but regardless, I would never drink anything made by any soda company or anything like that. If my kids want juice I buy organic …other than that, water from the well with a regular filter.

  6. Fuck just drank Pepsi and then watched this

  7. Thanks for the video brother uprising

  8. Gary Harden says:

    Can't believe people drink this sh*t! I don't even go out to eat anymore cus it's all so unhealthy..

  9. First of all can you make a darn video without ten seconds into a stupid commericial. You must be getting paid well. liar. Second, I am on the pepsi website, NO SUCH BOTTLE EXISTS. Of course I guess your'll say it will be revealed in the commericail and not till then. You are a false prophet, and your followers are blatant fools. Do you believe you can bring god back sooner if you encite mass riots and war or are our being paid by the "illuminati" for this violance in sheeps clothing.

  10. you're amazing guy! God bless you

  11. Iris J. says:

    Pepsi Water? That doesn't even sound right

  12. I think it is great that you have Madonna in your intro….She has certainly shown her true colors now..

  13. Joseph J says:

    Core water was made by doctor luke, the handler of kesha

  14. Margi Noser says:

    Erneut wirbt WATSON für die Illuminati und die NWO – zusätzlich mit dem "allsehenden Auge" von Roger Federer und die Schlafschafe in unserem Lande werden darauf reinfallen, die merken nicht, dass sie damit total überwacht werden – erschreckend aber leider wahr.–genial-und-ziemlich-unheimlich-%E2%80%93-%C2%ABFaceApp%C2%BB-f%C3%BCrs-iPhone

  15. but I was a sleeping sheep too. never ever believed that this thing s even exist. so we have to be patient with the brainwashed sheeps. I pray for you all. god bless you. thanks for the topic❤

  16. HOLY CRAP! Isn't that obvious! Thank you for sharing Call. You are awesome.

  17. Yeah this world is getting darker and darker. I pray this drink doesn't come to Africa. I pray the people in legislation are wise enough to see this. this is disgusting, the people in power are disgusting

  18. why was there a 2/3 min ad of a rap song with so many curse words???

  19. puritan pictures and frederick wurst youtubes were deleted and they didnt break any of youtubes rules. they were just saying things that they didnt want people to know ok last comment

  20. i only drink figi in a bottle the tap water here is poison. My daughter did alkaline tests for a science projects and figi has an alkaline of 8

  21. oh no not turtle smasher lol
    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy you are back love your videos

  22. They poisoning mass population but also adding chemicals that affect us and turn us gay!!

  23. Why is the word "water" abbreviated as "WTR" on Life WTR? Each letter corresponds to a numerical value in the Hebrew alphabet. There is no "W". The "W" is actually two "V"''s. The "V" corresponds to the number "6", each "V" representing a "6". The second letter "T" corresponds to the number "400". The last letter "R" corresponds to the number "200". If you were to add those up it would correctly be added as 66+400+200, which equals "666". In the Hebrew alphabet, this would be spelled out as Vau Vau Tau Resh(i.e. VVTR or WTR). This is the meaning for the abbreviation of water and how it relates to the more obvious three sixes displayed by the hand on the front of the bottle.

  24. IzzyNChrist says:

    what an ugly design. I'll drink tap water thanks.

  25. DARK ANGEL says:

    can this 666 symbol have another meaning? like the lizard thing that sticks out goes 3 times around the human eye and the lizard has a body now!!!

  26. so whats up with the cartoon you made when your show starts?????so jesus was-is white..dat cartoon is so wrong ..hypocrite

  27. Just right in our faces uprising! They're not hiding anymore. This is sickening.

  28. can someone test that water?

  29. Allen Hill says:

    What's next, 666 sugar frosted oat cereal with colored marshmallow pyramids, all seeing eyes, and pentagrams? These elitist junk food nut jobs that create these poisonous slop foods are wacko!

  30. You're so intelligent. 🙂 Awesome video! :)

  31. They will poison people. I think that…

  32. I will drink life wtr…and then take a piss in ur mouth!

  33. L.A.Sharp says:

    I thought you were saying they were aborted fetal cells in PUDDING. You were saying they are PUTTING these fetal cells in the products.With perv Bill Cosby pudding pops they probably do add the aborted cells

  34. Gude Tama says:

    The article pic of the pepsi poison "water"…where is has the life water spelled out like LIFEWTR the first thing i read and saw was Lucifer. Anyone else?

  35. Janie Dee says:

    Have you seen the YouTube videos for Aquafina water that doesn't freeze? I wonder what's in it? God Bless You and Yours

  36. Honestly these last days are extremely wicked and it's a shame our tell-a-vision aka television, has literally brainwashed people away from the truth.

  37. Are you from the East Coast? Your accent shows when u say water ??

  38. A Call For An Uprising, just to let you know, not that you will read this, but the CEO of Pepsi is a female. Indra Nooyi. You kept saying HE in this video. She is ranked as one of the 100 worlds most powerful women according to Forbes.  Interesting thing about her, she has attended Bilderberg meetings in the past.  Alex Jones has a video of her leaving one of those meetings years ago. Allegedly  she was outspoken about Donald Trump recently that caused a Pepsi boycott.

  39. they done marketed it to the young kids to think its cool..

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