Nike is Illuminati


Hope you appreciated!! Practically at 100K, usually means allot 🙂

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  1. Jarrod Smith says:

    yo I watched 1:15 of this video to realize you sound stupid ass shit I don't even wat towatch no more!!!!

  2. /Lucy /Rose says:

    I can't help but love this dude's logic?

  3. ender0000 says:

    bots rymes with pots
    pots are potions
    potions can give you amnasia
    we have asia
    conect asia with pots
    illuminati uses pots
    pots give you poison
    poison can kill you
    kill rymes with the meal
    meal is chill
    chill is word same like a chese
    chese have 6 sides
    illuminati have 3 sides
    who have 3 sides
    illuminati have 3 sides
    then you are =illuminati comfired

  4. Guz Man123 says:

    No he plays on the warriors

  5. Aminor kadri says:

    Helo kitty is illuminati

  6. no one says:

    420 420 views. Now i really belive. Teatch me pedolophian!

  7. Lane 0717 says:

    Dis makes no sence

  8. this guy is illuminati confirmed

  9. lps lover252 says:

    maybe you are the illuminati

  10. Komari Hitai says:

    How about
    Ebola rhymes with Granola.

  11. Gaming guide says:


  12. he is so intelligent maybe he is illuminati????????????????????????????????????????????

  13. pelodophobian is boss af

  14. can u do PlayStation 5?

  15. jonas ruus says:

    your videos blow your mind.pls make video lennyface is illuminati if this is

  16. KKK says:

    Fuck Nike addidas are wayyy better!

  17. Happy Girl says:

    My name has 6 leters, 6/2=3 . Am i illuminati? this man is stupid as fuck.

  18. GJ Improvise says:

    I don't pronounce Nike how you do so Nike can't possibly illuminati

  19. Nike and Coca Cola Isnt Illuminati. Illuminati doesn't distribute sports , industry and video games like WWE, NBA, UFC, Verizon, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and Assassins Creed . This is the sad part. Don't buy anything what these utube terrorist idiots say. U spend ur time on any thing u enjoy, but nobody can't. Super Mario Isn't illuminati. This makes everyone sick. Oh no what is the next video game target is PacMan, Metal Gear Solid, GTA or Call of Duty. Please give me a break! I don't believe this u shouldn't make others. I pretty sure u wear Nike. I hope u push in grimstone. Respect this tube society. love the world like I do u make life worse it's already it's fair

  20. Gabriel Olea says:

    who else is from Oklahoma here?

  21. that really doesn't prove anything but ok ?

  22. Bi Ben says:

    Then what is noi illuminati he said every thing is illuminati this is stupid

  23. YEE YEE says:

    This guy is fucking intelligent

  24. DEAD says:

    If you watch too many of these videos in a row your brain will start to hurt.

  25. TPC Gaming says:

    I wear the new illuminatis #MLG

  26. It can't be Nike it adidas that the leader of the illuminati under armor is a part of it not Nike.

  27. It,s Under armor and Adidas that is illuminati , confirmed it can't Nike because it has a God definition don't you get it Adidas and under armor has no god definition at all.

  28. Fate- Gaming says:

    America is not a continent idiot

  29. Lell Ryan says:

    this guy is fucking too intelligent who are you????

  30. Deven N says:

    Illuminati confirmed is Illuminati confirmed 2 words in Illuminati confirmed 2+1 = 3
    3 sides of the Illuminati.Illuminati confirmed = Illuminati confirmed

  31. Gregory Lara says:

    your ass is confirmed Illuminati

  32. i have boots on but there from nike

  33. Nick Guisano says:

    Like if you can spot the different emoji: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????… Given up yet? ?… wait oh shit

  34. tyga gang says:

    bruh everything is illuminati mann yuh cant bye shitt

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