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Nitrogen and HPA are two gasses that are used to fill paintball tanks. The paintball local community is confused about the variation in between Nitrogen and HPA, and for very good explanation. They each have the correct exact operate!

The Variance

HPA is basically “compressed air,” which is a different expression thrown all over by paintball players. Compressed air is what it seems like, it is very good ol’ purely natural respiratory air, but condensed into a additional pressurized point out. The air we breath is made up of about seventy eight.two% nitrogen, of course the amount of money of nitrogen varies based on certain environments. But as a general rule, air with seventy eight.two% nitrogen is what is used for HPA paintball tanks.

If a paintball participant says that he is making use of nitrogen in his paintball tank, he is in all probability making use of HPA, which is made up of nitrogen. But, some players use pure nitrogen in their paintball tank. In fact, nitrogen was the staple gas used for all professional paintballers, prolonged right before compressed air ever arrived on to the scene. In 1994, Phil Davies uncovered that if air is condensed, it can be used in paintball guns, as proficiently as pure nitrogen gas. This was a important move for paintball tanks since pure nitrogen is pricey, and considerably additional scarce to find.

Why Several Paintball Gamers Say They Use Nitrogen?

There are two primary motives for the survival of “nitrogen” as a paintball expression.

1- Old players in no way stopped referring to their paintball air as nitrogen, even when its not. So, preserving the term in the paintball local community vocabulary. And since there is pretty small functionality variation in between HPA and nitrogen, many aged players see no variation to transform their phrases.

two- Some individuals consider “nitrogen” a cooler term than “HPA.” This is primarily the scenario when “nitrogen” is shortened to “nitro.” Several recent paintball players are very discouraged by this, just after all, Significant Tension air is not also shabby of a identify. The position is “nitrogen” is right here to stay.

General performance Variance

There is a slight functionality variation, but not more than enough to be that visible. HPA is forced to squander more than 20% of its material. This is not as major of a offer as it seems. Pure nitrogen will empower you to have additional paintball shots per refill, and will be pretty a bit, additional regular.

That currently being mentioned, some paintball fields nevertheless offer you nitrogen, alternatively of HPA, since some players adamantly think that nitrogen is considerably improved. If you have the option to exam out pure nitrogen in your paintball tank, give it a go! I could honestly not detect a variation whatsoever, but some individuals swear by it.

Is There a Variance Amongst a Nitrogen or HPA Paintball Tank?

There is not! Some players have advised me that 1 is improved than the other. But fellas! These are not two independent entities. There is no this kind of issue as a nitrogen and HPA paintball tank. When I say they are the correct exact issue, I mean that they are, 1 and the exact issue. A paintball tank that is suitable with nitrogen consumption will be able to be crammed with nitrogen gas, or compressed air. You can call the tank what ever you want, but it is basically a tank that is suitable with nitrogen.

There are only two forms of paintball tanks, 1 is for Co2, the other is for nitrogen or HPA.


Nitrogen and HPA are used in the exact way, for the pretty exact paintball tanks. Some players assert that nitrogen is a top-quality gas, but most players do not detect a variation in between the two. HPA is less expensive than nitrogen, and for that explanation by itself, HPA has taken more than as the gas most generally used at the paintball fields.

The term “nitrogen” stays in paintball terminology since of its history in our sport, and since some individuals nevertheless use it.


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