Noam Chomsky About Serbia, Kosovo, Yugoslavia and NATO War 3



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  1. @zdssh
    You also probably know who obstructed the negotiations in 1995 and with whose support, but you don't want to mention it? Maybe you don't know but you can guess. And search for yourself.
    Why don't you mention that in 1993. serbs held something like more than 60 percent of BiH and a big part of Croatia, and since than, thanks to embargo on Serbia and great support to Croatia, things changed. In the end they left Bosnia to be perfect inflammable zone for the future, unfortunately. 

  2. I was just wasting my time here trying to give you a different perspective from what they tell you on your media. But you are blindly parroting them all the time.
    Who built all those churches from 12. to 15. century on Kosovo then, if it weren't Serbs? I am a bosnian Serb, like other 1,5 million who feel the same. I hope you are not going to start to explain to me what is my nationality?
    But, as I said, this was waste of time. You won't find the truth if you never question yourself.

  3. @zdssh
    I mean the Oven – Stoltenberg plan in 1995, that Izetbegovic rejected in the last moment, after being supported by the US.
    You don't know anything about connections between german intelligence and the croatian one years before the war started?
    You haven't heard about the black flights delivering weapons into the demilitarized zones? That were Estonians, I assume?
    Who did NATO bomb in 1995 in Operation Deliberate Force?

  4. @zdssh
    And this nonsense about Kosovo churches is just showing that you are a hater that tries to twist every fact, so it can support your theories.
    Even Bulgarians are going to tell you that those are Serbian monasteries. Gracanica, Visoki Decani, Pecka Patrijarsija and numerous others. Then Nemanjic dynasty was actually Bulgarian, right? 🙂 There is a plenty of proof for that, it's a complete nonsense to even talk about that.

  5. @zdssh
    As for the operation "Storm" – you really think that Serbs could have held the 30 percent of Croatia for years, and then suddenly Croatia is so strong and Serbs are so weak that within 36h they are able to conquer everything? There is a plenty of witness who will tell you that the withdrawal was ordered, and that they had to leave without fighting. It was just a part of the plan that was already made. 

  6. @zdssh
    This does not lead anywhere, because whatever I say you would say "there was no black flights". I am saying it because I have seen witnesses' testimonies. Etc. there was no croatian intelligence… In 1995 NATO bombed serbs in Bosnia, doesn't have to do anything with Serbia.

  7. @zdssh
    Makarije Sokolovic was Serb and he REestablished the Church in 1557 (which was founded by Sava 1219.) with help of his brother, nephew, or first cousin grand vezier Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic. That's what official history says, you can read it in any language. And that's what Ivo Andric described in his Nobel Price winning book "Na drini cuprija", but I am sure you have read it? 

  8. @zdssh
    And again, even the Bulgarians would lough at you after all that nonsense. You are either imagining things or twisting and negating the facts. 

  9. @zdssh
    You said: "Nemanjici were Montenegrins and Dusan was a Bulgarian."
    You are contradicting to yourself. How could Dusan be Bulgarian if he was a son of Stefan Decanski Nemanjic, and Nemanjic's were "Montenegrins"? 🙂
    You just proved to me and to yourself that you don't know what are you talking about :)

  10. @zdssh
    Oh yes, and you also said that the monasteries in Kosovo were "Bulgarian", but than you said that Nemanjic dinasty is "Montenegrins". So Visoki Decani was built by Stefan Decanski Nemanjic, but yes, it was definitely built by Bulgarians 🙂 Oh boy… 

  11. @zdssh
    Are you having problem with Hilandar? 🙂 Yes, they rebuilt it in 1198, and what do you want to say with it? It was abandoned and after that it was Serbian. So, what is wrong with it?

  12. @zdssh
    Previously you said that Dusan was Bulgarian, and than you admitted that he was son of Stefan Decanski and Anna of Bulgaria. That is what I mean when I say that you are saying lies and making out statements. You are either blinded with hate, or a bad person, which is my only explanation.
    Maybe some Serbs harmed you or somebody close to you, but it doesn't mean that all Serbs are bad, and that our history doesn't exist. 

  13. @zdssh
    Besides that, you probably know that it was really common tradition in those times that the rulers married women from another ruler dynasties from other countries, in order to straighten relationships. Btw it was Theodora Smilets of Bulgaria who was his mother. And the very Theodora's mother was the Byzantine princess, daughter of Constantine Palaiologos, so it means, if we apply your standards, that she actually wasn't even Bulgarian, she was Greek. :)

  14. @zdssh
    Do you read what you are writing? Are you out of your mind?
    If Serbian ruler Stefan Decanski marries Bulgarian princess Theodora – that means their son is going to be Bulgarian? 

  15. @zdssh
    So what you are saying is that Stefan Decanski was a Bulgar or what? In one of the previous comments you said that Nemanjics are Montenegrians, but now you have changed your mind? 

  16. @zdssh
    Then please be so kind and explain us how did it happen that Stefan Decanski was a Bulgar?

  17. @zdssh
    Dusan was of Serb blood according to his paternal line, and you know it. What you are saying is that Nemanjic's use to marry the princesses from the surrounding countries. But I assume you also know that there are numerous examples of the same custom among the Bulgarian rulers. As I've told you, Theodora's mother was a Byzantine princess. And mother of Anna (Decanski's mother) was actually Russian. So if you look at the maternal lines, the kings of Bulgaria were also not Bulgars.

  18. @zdssh
    Actually in the whole middle age it was a widespread custom, so you could say that almost all of the kings of their kingdoms were actually not the same nationality, according to their maternal lines. But you know very well that in history and in human society today, paternal line is what counts.
    Other than that, Nemanjic's also were wearing titles of their crowns, so we know that they were "kings of all Serbs" or "kings of Serbia" etc. 

  19. @zdssh
    Mistake again – Dusan was buried in his foundation, the Monastery of the Holy Archangels near Prizren, and later his bones were translated to church of St. Marko in Belgrade, where you can find them today. It's somebody else whose bones were translated to Bulgaria, but later given back to the Serbian Church from the Bulgarian one. But this conversation has become redundant, as there are plenty of written sources which confirm what the nationality of those kings was. 


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