North Korea To Start World War 3 – WW3 Imminent 2016


North Korea to start world war 3? how ww3 will happen, this is my thought, to understand how this war started, you have to watch part 1, russia starts the war and …


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  1. Martin Eaton says:

    Creative criticism, the music is way waaaaay too loud and sounds over baring

  2. uk ruins russians defense?lol what a joke lol don´t watch tv kid hahahahaa

  3. Oskar Ek says:

    hahaha , you think russia is weak think again, can nuke 24countrys in 1 single blow.

  4. Lana Petrel says:

    Bunch of bullshit

  5. wtf russia attacks china this is stupid

  6. Why would we attack Brazil?

  7. Bombster says:

    these video is stupid

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