Nuclear War [Nov 22, 2017] Understanding Illuminati Numerology, WW3, End Time & New World Order


” The strongest of all warriors are these two : . Time and patience ” – War and peace PART 2 : Dynamo Hidden …


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  1. I saw this 11.22 as a false flag in the us, but the illuminati do like the 11.22 for major changes and 2017 could be another cleansing. 9.23=11.23 ancient roman timing. With the ten ups bus loads of "Syrian refugees" brought in by the us govt, we could well see something in the us in the very near future. 11.23 could be the unfolding of jade helm 15. NWO=communist fascist assholes.

  2. Excuse me, 30 buses in PA as of 11.17 under the cover of night. What happens to the 2nd amendment under marshal law?

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