NUCLEAR WORLD WAR 3 (Full Documentary HD) Spanish Subtitle


WORLD NEWS HOW Share Subscribe The US is deliberately provoking Russia and China in World War 3 , but when it comes to nuclear war , . ..


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  1. And this is the outcome when we let spoiled children rule this world,we are all to blame!

  2. Jpsilo says:

    As soon as u hear 'this is what the president wants' u realize it's a stupid video

  3. Lyndon Larouche? Not worth watching then.

  4. Fuck,, the sistem that will bi a mericol
    If ther is a 3rd ,, war ,,,, it will be the end
    ! But it dosent the end its not lik that

  5. Victoria says:


  6. Victoria says:

    Russia is being PARTITIONED very successfully.  China is retaking its territory – Siberia – stolen from China just one hundred years ago.  The whole Central Asia is already the Chinese backyard.  And with Iran/Persian Empire – THE DEADLIEST AND MORTAL ENEMY OF RUSSIA, being able to give the final and fatal stroke to Russia's existence by flooding the world with cheap gas and oil   We are witnessing the disintegration of the 18-century Russian empire….the process is unstoppable and irreversible…

  7. lol this was nicely edited but it's completely retarded, who paid for this propaganda?

  8. jayne1xx1 says:

    walmart will still be open

  9. Oh, thank goodness. The sooner, the better.

  10. Sure glad the the Russians and Chinese.Do not have these types of weapons.

  11. No according to the peace movement Only the USA and their horbal NATO allies have nukes.The same goes for chemo and bio weapons.Only a moron would worry about nuclear where you live would just be vapor.The bombs are so big now fat chance at survival

  12. This video went south fast. It started off as a very well thought out informational video on a possible Nuclear World War 3 and then turned into an anti Obama Campaign lol

  13. 35 min´s to say nukes go boom we all die ?

  14. well Mr Obarma is nearly done and nothing happened. Guess this was wrong lol

  15. And all the submarines will have sunk to the bottom of the ocean via EMP and Tsunamis

  16. The end of civilization?

    Civilized nations weren't meant to oppress people of any nation.

    No nation in history was civilize, lol!

  17. izzardceo says:

    This is anti American anti Obama propaganda bs 

  18. Clark Kent says:

    So this video is anti Obama propaganda

  19. everything was going well until i heard "this is what obama wants"

    oh cmon seriously? you just tossed a perfectly good documental down the drain thanks to policial mumbo jumbo talk

    unsubbed and disliked

  20. rashed azad says:

    You are delusional..

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