https : ? V = //www.youtube.com/watch 080VmGDgSJw There is a meeting of minds between the world leaders in the hope of consolidating the world in some form of …


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  1. kath david says:

    We need to spread the word far and wide, otherwise we will become the living dead, some truth in them zombie films.

  2. Justin R says:

    and if none of the signs happen…then what? you and your cunts are gonna make up ANOTHER DATE? you guys are pathetic!

  3. oh well – the old game we all know from the US: blaming others for the very own deeds. Ridiculous.

  4. larry Anasco says:

    Crazy people, they want to control the world but the end is near.

  5. Chad Stone says:

    There is no doubt that these people have been totally corrupted by satan and evil if you do not believe in that….just take a look around you and what your government is doing. The thing that I find absolutely amazing is that this many human beings have put their trust in someone like the MOST evil of the evil who will betray even all of them, in the end. To those who read this who may be working with or for the illuminati or any of its soldiers, you are headed for eternal ruin and you cannot be saved once it starts so make your decision now, and take the positive or just side because it ALWAYS wins in the end and the outcome cannot be changed like you are being led to believe.

  6. To the very vocal jew,would be proud to walk along side you.for years,i have found something not right about jewish people,its just the absent look in their eyes,i am converted,thankyou

  7. GT Stanger says:


    1.Israel joins the attack against the Assad regime in Damascus, Syria and release an atomic weapon on Damascus in order to destroy Assad and his forces for good.

    2.In Israel's sudden nuclear attack on Damascus, both Russian troops and bases are destroyed. Russia then responds with a counter attack upon Israel by way of a nuclear strike.

    3.America being Israels alley is attack by Russian alley China by cyber computer warfare.

    4.Chinese cyber warfare targets and incapacitates all U.S. military and civilian computer systems which become sidelined and or damaged to the point where America is left helpless to defend itself and respond to the Russian attack on Israel.

    5.America is unable to respond to the Russian attack on Israel with a nuclear strike of its own upon Russia.

    6.Russia releases its nuclear initiative classified as: (THE FINAL HAND). This initiative will lead to the total and complete destruction of the United States and many of its U.S. controlled territories. (Possibly all of canada, possibly alaska, possibly Hawaii, Possibly northern Mexico). No part of America will survive this sudden and calculated nuclear assault. An estimated 250 million of the U.S. population shall perish immediately with and 60-70 million succumbing to radioactive air and waste from nuclear fallout.

    7.The Ashkenazi state of Israel will be hit over again by several nuclear missle attacks from Russia.

    8.American and Israeli aggression upon the world is over.

    9.China becomes the worlds number one economy.

    10.The European Union-(EU) gains full power over the earth.

    11.The ash that will be released from the destruction by nuclear attack from U.S. will be biblical and shall block out the sun, moon and the stars.

    Author: A RACE OF DEMONS
    Author: SPIRITUAL CRIMES-(JAN 2016)

  8. Because JFK is so loved maybe he should be on american notes,wonder how well that would go down with the top tier,would get support from public.

  9. Steve S says:

    what if they had ww3 and nobody showed up to fight?

  10. Juan Renau says:

    Hail Hitler!!!

  11. Larry Park says:

    It's time to take these people.on now.You know where these people live and work and you know where their families live and work It's time to stop being slaves.Many of us may have to die in order to get rid of the corrupt people.It is harder to be good than it is to be evil. Please remember we must act as one and move quickly and be very organized.

  12. Amunet Amun says:

    The thumb downs obviously are part of the status quo and/or behind the false flag 911. You Zionist should die already and let the world evolve naturally. I love this spin on the NWO. I have watched many documentaries on the Illuminati/NWO. I have seen some good and some bad. This is one of the best I have seen in some time. Thank you.

  13. Joe Donovan says:

    putin is such a boss! fuck yea i wanna move to russiaaaaahhhh

  14. God will destroy the NWO

  15. EP Emsley says:

    L Y I N G C U N Ts

  16. Islam will be the cause of world war 3.

  17. Mary Lucas says:

    I would like to request one thing, please not Judge the small group the Catholic little Children, are innocent people they are not Bastard and also they are not are biggest Fish. I want you Children of God, Find the Catholic Pope biggest fishermen are involved in this document that means that Pope are involved in this mistrial situation, and all religion believe are angry I recommend all you think about what going on right now write, and exposed all the Pope Benedict are traitors corrupt and involved in the New World Order Judge them and trow to hell and the ask Yahsuah Messiah separate from group and stone them, but i want to us all a little faver religion believe and find out how many people are belong to your churches in United States Kigdow? What kind religious beliefs are exposed right now. So beliver wuke up people this is Cospiracy theories about everything is infected your Country United States Kigdow, manipulate the world, and bring down the Catholic Church? Do you see most this people are President Powerful evils spirit ,involved the Catholic Church people we are vitimace from Rome Votican Venedit who is involved right now. This mess is Concerned to all religions believe but we are we together we can move forward.

    We are not lost yet, I no the battle is bigger than All President together, but we have one person in the universe it's Yahsuah Messiah die for us, and he will protect us from luciferia spirit the darkness.
    This is Mary mother Yahsuah Messiah and Bride and pregnant from the Holy Ghost,, So but I think you want to hit me if I offended you preaching this message, ? News I am Catholic believe Bride and also Spanish, French, German, French Russian, India Palestinian state China Israel Central America, and, North America Syria, Brazil ,please pray for the New beginning in Portugal, please pray pray fasting and offers to Yahsuah Messiah the vest the your heart.
    The Bride of Yahsuah Messiah, God bless all you, peace upon your Country.INES. 

  18. Lar Mayotte says:

    THIS IS THE LAST THING WE NEED!!!! ………It will mean permanent wars!………. the nations won't stand for 1 dictator running the whole world!

  19. You morons really think WW3 will be fought between America and Russia ??? it will be fought between Muslim scum and everyone else.

    If we do not destroy the Arabs and the Muslims now, the entire world will be lost to a bunch of backward, third world child raping scum.

    Know your enemy idiots.

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