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  1. MrTrott2hot says:

    America will force iran into a war ! probably with a false flag event. america will win that war with her alies. BUT ! in the end russia and china will come to her aid and defeat america and her alies. China will invade and attack america and win. All hell will brake loose and nation will fight against nation. When the russians , chinese and muslims go into israel to completely destroy her GOD himself will cut them down.

  2. skeptical524 says:

    I think that America is better then that we will win like we always do millions have died because of us and billions more will die too long live the Usa

  3. TwinFlameify says:

    the truth seems to tell that GOD is ordering tussia and china to stop the evil Israel and its zionists of world wide from controlling america and to stop bringing evil to the worlds humanity…. Over 90& of the world sees U.S, Israel, britain and NATO as an evil empire, i suggest you get in touch with GOD and start seeing more clearly with your heart.

  4. TwinFlameify says:

    Google "birth defects afganistan", "u.s uses depleeted uranium misiles on civillians", "1 500 000 killed in iraq", "over 1 000 000 killed in afganistan",

    Google "u.s troops kill civillians" , you will bwgin to see who is really the terrorists of this world and who does work on Satans behalf.

    WAKE UP SHEEP, GOD is calling you

  5. MrTrott2hot says:

    I just said it how the bible says it will happen , also the lord showed me in a vision very clearly that china will attack america and she will loose. America will come undone at the seams and suffer much even before that happens. America has become the great satan and a total abomination to the lord. The lord has said he will not tolerate the sin in that country for much longer. I take that very seriously. Get out of NY and the major cities plus along the NY coast line.

  6. TwinFlameify says:

    yes GOD is angry, very angry, there wont be a place for the evil acum to rn when judgement day comes, when ever it comes… there is no escaping GOD and the judgement of GOD, the people shall reep what they have sown, more then they think. the suffering of innoscents at the hands of the evil, greedy brutes will not go unanswered

  7. 420PATROCK says:

    If we end, Israel, Vatican, Parliament and District of Criminals then we all will have unlimited wealth and free energy!

  8. MrTrott2hot says:

    Absolutely correct !

    I cant add to that.

  9. MrJupiterX7 says:

    another powerful video, your right brother.

  10. mrstepintime says:

    Thanks for that input ! makes a difference with positive feed back.

  11. mrstepintime says:

    You are correct ! its extra coverage , plus ! nothing is ever as it seems. Its very possible you watch my movies all over the tube under different names, so there you have it.

  12. mrstepintime says:

    I would love to say more on certain matters to help you understand but i cant ! anybody who thinks youtube is not being watched and controlled are very much in dream land. I have videos rejected for rediculous reasons and have been threatened and warned for content and comments. I do what i have to do to get the truth out there.

  13. mrstepintime says:

    Type in nanotechnology and start looking at some of these video.s. You might be surprised at the technology the illuminati have. This is a very sensitive area in what they want people to know. Videos go up and down alot because people are to close to the truth. Plus clonning.

  14. mrstepintime says:

    I will tell you this as well ! when the US invaded iraq thousands of battle hardened iraqi soldiers simply gave themselves up to US marines and even hugged them. Not many people no this true story and the info is hard to get. But the chinese know.
    US Mind control weapons in Iraq – China CCTV7 (Eng subtitle)

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