O.T. Genasis: I Saw Over $1M in Bottles at Leo DiCaprio’s B-Day


http://www.vladtv.com – O.T. Genasis described the unreal scene he witnessed at Leonardo DiCaprio’s 40th birthday party during a recent sit-down with VladTV.


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  1. vlad bitch ass a lite weight racist, he always throwing low key disrespectful remarks. the nigga didnt say they would get robbed, vlad said that dumb shit and he just went with it. this nigga 10 million dollars came from interviewing blacks. Have some fucking respect you half a supremacist, fag ass, rash head havin ass white nigga.

  2. JMG90 says:

    is that the dude in love with coco but really is a fake ass nigga from the carribiean?

  3. MagnUm says:

    that bottle money from the african dudes could have kept people in an african state fed for god knows how long

  4. 1AMBABY says:

    otgen light weight looks like Fela Kuti

  5. Austin Adams says:

    Wolf of wall Street

  6. awesome interview. felt like i was there.

  7. s Contreras says:

    They probably had the best coke too.

  8. Jonathan J says:

    One of the pleasures of watching YouTube is Scrolling down and Reading the Funny AF Comments.

  9. Great Gatsby IRL

  10. This nigga vlad is a op

  11. baller shit,,,,,

  12. Brandon 305 says:

    am i the only one that noticed he had one earring on his right ear lol, he gay?

  13. Brian King says:

    they blow all that money on bottles, and we have people starving

  14. Doe' do i says:

    Them bottles way too high you needed to cut it ??

  15. Cornballs on the mic announcing this Garbage spent on bottles

  16. ot u should told them to cut it haha

  17. Khaos969 says:

    Bet there was shit loads of Coke there too

  18. price of those bottles too high they need to cut it

  19. anyone notice he got his right ear pierced not let he go for the same team

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