‘Obama could trigger World War III’


Press TV has interviewed Lyndon LaRouche, former US presidential candidate and founder of the Executive Intelligence Review from Virginia, to discuss tensions in Washington and Moscow relations over the political crisis in Ukraine.

‘Obama could trigger World War III’

What follows is only an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Well, that is a circumstance that has been met, even though John Kerry says it is not threat, I do not know what else you can make of it? He has said that it is going to come at a great cost for Russia.

Tell us what types of measures they are going to take in order to show Russia that what it is doing is wrong?

You can take your shot, either militarily sanctions, economically, what have you.

LaRouche: Well, I would say that probably that Putin will not concede to these demands of the United States and Putin has very strong grounds for saying so.

First of all presidency of Ukraine is not clear. The President of the United States has insisted that it is clear but it is not clear. The incumbent, the actual president of Ukraine is suspended in terms of his authority but no authorized replacement for him has yet been designated.

So the idea that the Crimea of course is a territory which is right close to Russia since Catherine the Great; so it is an integral part of the Russian picture and there are complications there but my guess is certainly that there are two things going on here. One thing is that, Yes, the president of the United States currently is pushing this thing. He is actually pushing close to the threshold of a thermonuclear war. Now, that does not mean that it is going to happen.

Right now president of the United States is in deep trouble back at home, he is virtually in the –danger– of impeachment at this time.

Also I know that the government of the United States in general does not want a thermonuclear war with anyone, at this time; and therefore the president of the United States is acting as a wild man on his own. He has attempted to push something through and he has been rejected by the government.

He is also in a big trouble with the Senate of the United States who is just actually dealing with what I would call impeachable offenses.

Well, he may not be the president of the United States but the United States does not want a thermonuclear war, they are not willing go with a thermonuclear war over anything of this type.

The president of the United States, backed by the British queen, yes is committed to that policy and at all costs; but the people in the United States and the officials in the United States do not agree with that policy; they do not agree with a thermonuclear war and then the attempt to move in on Russia would mean a thermonuclear war and I do not think that the world wants that.

Press TV: Lyndon LaRouche when you talk about the doomsday scenario of this thermonuclear war, lets us bring the tone down, I guess in terms of a military confrontation, where that to happen; I am looking at sudden developments, tell us how close we are to it?

The US surveillance drone to have been intercepted above the Ukrainian region of Crimea, this just came out in the past hour; a Russian state arms and technology group announced that; and of course the NATO exercises taking place on the border of Ukraine, along with the Russian military exercises.

I mean what kind of signals are these types of military exercises sending from one side to the other and back?

LaRouche: It is not a military situation in Crimea. That is a part of the whole scenario. The scenario is World War III, a thermonuclear World War III, today, tomorrow, next week and beyond.

As long as this president remains in power in the United States, we are virtually certain that the United States will be asked to deploy a thermonuclear attack on Russia. That is certain right now.

The only thing that will stop that, is the probable impeachment of the president of the United States. President of the United States is acting beyond his authority in going for general warfare.

The Senate of the United States is now poised in readiness to impeach the president of the United States. The active impeach could come within hours or longer. I do not know which, but it is there.

Press TV: Well, Lyndon LaRouche let us make some deductions regarding what may trigger, based on some of the scenarios that you painted there, a reaction from either the US or its western partners.

John Kerry in his press conference said that if Russia makes any moves into Ukraine that is, actually, going to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty, that he will see a severe reaction, this will be beyond Crimea.

Do you think that there is a chance that Russia is thinking or mulling over moving into the boundaries beyond Crimea into Ukraine, that perhaps may bring about some type of response militarily speaking?

LaRouche: Much of what is coming out as propaganda in the name of Britain and the US, is completely false and the Germans do not want to get into a war of this type.  Germany does not insist upon it…

In the United States the imminent charges against Obama for crimes committed and these are high crimes.

That is the language of impeachment and in the United States impeachment can come down fast. What it will mean is not the president is thrown out of office, it would mean he is suspended from his functions because first of all he is out of step of reality, he is acting as the president alone, he is not consulting the Congress, he is putting through wars at decrees, personal decrees, when the constitution forbids it.

These are these kinds of circumstances if a president is going to war under conditions which he is forbidden to do; his impeachment action can become immediate and I will hope it will because he is no good, he is a danger for the United States.

You will find out throughout Europe,  in those countries, Germany and to some degree France, there is no will for this. The argument of the Polish for this thing is not true in terms of many Pols who have quite a different position, because they do know that the so-called Ukrainian government, which is not Ukrainian government, it is a fascist regime; it is based on a Hitler organization, the Hitler Nazis; and they, actually –asked– Germany and Britain for protection instead of prosecuting for the crimes they have committed.

So there is no popularity, there is fear and the people are becoming intimidated by fear. What they point is that the rage is building up and the rage I the United States, you know, almost 80 percent of the population of the United States do not want this president around them.

But if the Senate, House as a body, which is now a symbol on this question, gets impeachment offenses on this president, they have made them definite that way but they could be very close to it because what he has done is highly impeachable and if he is doing it on the verge of the threat of going to a war, then his war power has to be suspended.

So I would say that a war could happen but it would be a thermonuclear World War, not a European war, not a NATO war. Any war that occurs now will be a thermonuclear war and it will be global, it will not be regional.

Press TV: Well, Lyndon LaRouche I am guessing the US and its Western partners have  tried their best to try to see how they can maneuver Putin out of this Crimea referendum and it has not worked. So I want to ask you, do you think as a consequence , there may be a fallout now between the US and Russia in particular in other areas? We could talk about Syria Iran, the Start II Agreements of which already a source in the Russian Defense Ministry has said that they are going to discontinue US inspections of these nuclear missile forces, citing lack of trust.

Do you think it is going to affect these areas or other areas that you may suggest here?

LaRouche: One big factor here in the whole strategic picture. It goes together with the transatlantic community’s financial state. The United States and the Wall Street, are hopelessly bankrupt, they are about to be plunged into bankruptcy.

The British interests themselves who participate in the same thing as Wall Street, in fact Wall Street and this British group are the same thing; they are an international group, the so-called British and Anglo-American group and that is called Wall Street.

Now, Wall Street has taken over and destroyed the United States pretty much during the past two presidencies, those of Bush and now Obama.

So the crisis in the United States is several-fold, it is the misery imposed on the people which is insufferable. It is all about the fact that Wall Street is about to go bankrupt because it has gone into a bail-in mode, as has the British system.

The bail-in mode is like an elevator on the 70th floor going down without a cable on it to the bottom floor and probably below the bottom floor and therefore we are in a momentary crisis which is caused by this international financial crisis which hits hardest in transatlantic community and one of the ways of dealing with this is trying to go to war and the trigger of war is –pushed- now by the breakdown crisis of the entire British and US economies.

We are in a bail-in collapse that is the entire inflation of bailout, which has gone on since the Bush family came into the presidency again, Dick Cheney, not Bush. Dick Cheney was just a stooge; Bush was the real president (sic). So the Cheney president had started all this stuff.

The 9/11 is a key part of this and that is about to explode. That is 9/11 the Americans were killed by Saudi and British… people I know that. And this thing is exploding together with this issue of Obama’s policies now but the key thing here is that system is bankrupt; it is a bail-in system. As I said, it is like it is like an elevator on the 70th floor going down below the subfloor and when that happens, the entire system goes into a bankruptcy crisis.

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