ObamaCare and “his” new Security Forces replacing our Military?


Tax the Military

The below listed links outlines President Obama’s plan to increase the cost of health care coverage to active duty and retired military personnel following of the November 2012 election, eventually leading to an increase in cost to them of 345%. The President has authorized those massive charges to military personnel to be deducted from their pay, while giving government union employees a complete pass, with no charges to them for their health care coverage.The President’s action will make it very difficult in the future to recruit new personnel to join the US Armed Forces; possibly his intent is just that, to reduce manning of the US Armed Forces, a proposed reduction in manning that has been termed dangerous by the President’s own Secretary of Defense. That proposed reduction in the level of manning will be spread coverage of US assets by personnel even thinner than would be required for deployments and other counter terrorist protection. By forcing military personnel to pay for the new dramatically increased cost of coverage for medical benefits, when civilians in government will not face increases in their cost of medical coverage is unconscionable. It should be the other way around; military personnel wounded in combat should not be required to pay for their own medical coverage out of their pay, but civilian union employees should be required to pay for their medical coverage. In the future, when potential military recruits realize that their pay will be substantially reduced by such heavy deductions from their pay for medical coverage, they will prefer to apply for civil service positions where there are no costs for medical coverage.This latest unabated assault on the US Military by the Obama Administration will eventually destabilize the all-volunteer military force and open the way for Obama to recruit his new National Security Force, which is outlined in the flawed Obama Health Care Bill; that provision is in the legislation that was forced upon the American people by a Lame Duck, Democrat Controlled, Congress just before the last Christmas recess hat congress would have in 2010.
The portion of the flawed Obama Health Care Bill that references the creation of a new National Security Force, the regular corps and ready reserve corps“, what some have called “Obama’s Private Army”, has nothing whatsoever to do with health care. Establishment of that Private Army was inserted in the 2074 page flawed Obama Health Care Bill that Pelosi said the Congress would have to read after it was passed, in order to see what was in it!!! This “Private Army” would be the fulfillment of Senator Obama’s campaign promise made on July 2, 2008, when then Senator Obama said at that time: “We cannot continue to rely only on our military. … We’ve got to have a civilian Security Force just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the National Security objectives we’ve set.” The American people should be for-warned, and all who receive this E-mail should pass it on. There seems to be an unpublished National Security objective that only Senator Obama was referring to and only he has knowledge of.
On March 30, 2011, Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Tex), a former federal judge and constitutional scholar, warned the American people that one of the impacts of the “regular corps and ready reserve corps”, as specified in the flawed Obama Health Care Takeover Bill, would be the creation of a new paramilitary force that would serve at the whim of only President Obama. Congressman Gohmert warned the nation, from the well of the House of Representatives, that this new regular corps and ready reserve corps’ ” intention was to so deplete the military, so the President will be able involuntarily call up the reserve officer commissioned corps and non-commissioned officer corps, on a moment’s notice, to take specific action such as establishing/enforcing Martial Law as directed “only” by President Obama—the Secretary of Defense and the Generals are removed from the “regular corps and ready reserve corps”chain of command. That depletion of the military which Congressman Gohmert warned the American people is now underway.
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