Obamacare Taking Over the Bedroom is Part of a Global Phenomenon

truther September 17, 2013 2

Obamacare mirrors Australia’s mandatory sex questionnaires

Julie Wilson

The horrors of Obamacare continue as new reports reveal Americans will have their privacy violated on an unprecedented level when doctors will be forced to ask patients intrusive questions about their sex life.

Apparently Obama’s idea of healthcare reform is to know everything about everyone, including how many sexual partners you’ve had and who those sex partners are.

Obamacare Taking Over the Bedroom is Part of a Global Phenomenon

Sound familiar? Well it might if you caught Infowars’ June report detailing an invasive mandatory survey Australians are required to complete if selected (which is done at random).

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has been conducting surveys on its citizens demanding to know exactly what Obamacare wants to know, the who, what, when and where about your sex life.

The ABS survey was initially designed to collect information on economical issues such as employment statistics, but has slowly transitioned into prying into the sex lives of Aussies. If they refuse, they face steep fines and even jail time.

Doctors and hospitals that refuse to carry out Obamacare’s sex questions, can be met with penalties, including financial penalties from Medicare and Medicaid. According the NY Post, the “Department of Health and Human Services has already paid out over $12.7 billion for these incentives.”

One New York cardiologist called it “nasty business,” admitting he couldn’t think of a reason a cardiologist would need to know such information.

Obamacare of course is only for peasants. Elitists, such as members of Congress, will be exempt from the healthcare reform. When Sen. David Vitter, R-La., demanded a floor vote to end this exemption, members of Congress turned on him, attempting to discredit him by bringing up his 2007 prostitution scandal.

“Several Democrat senators asked staff to draft legislation that would deny federal health subsidies to anyone who votes for the Vitter plan, even if Vitter’s plan doesn’t become law,” reported Politico.

That right there illustrates how horrible even members of Congress expect the implementation of Obamacare to be.

The legislation, which opens for enrollment in just 15 days, has Americans frightened, angry and confused. To start, those who are supposed to benefit the most from the plan (those who are unemployed) are unaware of what the new plan entails, and many doubt they’ll even use it!

A new poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC shows 76 percent of uninsured “didn’t understand the law and how it would affect them.” Just 32 percent of uninsured believed they were “‘fairly’ or ‘very’ likely to use the exchanges.”

Outrage over the unpopular healthcare reform is expected to rise as implementation begins. Increased premiums, physician restrictions and less privacy is sure to leave Americans feeling trapped inside a healthcare plan that no one wants.

Socialist countries in Europe are removing the term mother and father from documents and also demanding sexual confessions to obtain healthcare, and this is only the beginning of the control-freak takeover.

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  1. Archie1954 September 18, 2013 at 12:52 am - Reply

    As the former Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, said back in 1968, ” the State does not belong in the bedrooms of the nation”!

  2. charles allan September 17, 2013 at 3:39 pm - Reply

    Ask the Pharaoh to disclose his first

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