Official Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer


Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare returns to the roots of the franchise where large-scale war and cinematic, immersive military storytelling take center stage. Prepare …


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  1. Ethan Taylor says:

    Nobody just kill me with hate but what is wrong with this halo starwars cross? I mean yea it's a bad to steal the ideas but it looks like a nice game. Reply to tell me why.

  2. I've gotten every cod since Call of Duty 2 but I'm not getting this

  3. I'm a huge cod fan! enough is enough with robots, jumping n other bs! smh bring back blk ops2

  4. Avery1428 says:

    MW2 remastered pls

  5. Viet_balla says:

    25 killstreak "Death Star super laser ready for deployment"

  6. Chyy - PS3 says:

    That one thrust jump in the trailer changes everything.

  7. nooooo again future 🙁 🙁 dont create FUTUREEEEEEEEEE

  8. this game looks odd to me….. tell me what u think!

  9. Those graphics are beyond 2016 ! Amazing ! -.-

  10. i can not wait for this game its gonna be so much fun to jerk off to!!!

  11. Blaze Crazy says:

    Bruh 2.4 mill jawsin this game is the best

  12. Lets throw Infinite Warfare away take the remastered Modern Warfare and make a remastered Black ops 2

  13. i have a boner

  14. noob lol says:

    Star Wars Battlefront are still better than COD unlimited GG Trailer

  15. so does your mom

  16. Trilolicious says:

    Battlefield fans just feel the need to compensate hard. If they really 100% believed their game is more superior , they wouldn't spend all day ripping on another to make theirs look better. For the cod players that are moving to bf it will be a completely different game you just cant be your own rambo theres bullet drop, more realism than cod,teamwork etc.

  17. Who else made another account to dislike

  18. Space… where everything goes to die..

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