Oshkosh 2016 Arrival | Mooney M20J Formation


Watch as Dad and I fly into Oshkosh for AirVenture 2016 – his first time! Enjoy! Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/mraviation101 Facebook: …


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  1. Awesome video as always ! on behalf of EAA Chap 327 in Dubuque, Iowa we extend an invite to our Fly-in breakfast Sept 11th ! You and all other pilots and enthusiasts are invited !

  2. graysono says:

    What a lovely video of a memorable trip with your 'Pa'! Loved listening to the worlds busiest ATC on liveatc.net. Actually didn't look horribly stressful among it!

  3. Jaguar79gt says:

    looks and sounds like a busy approach :)

  4. Aaron Bates says:

    Amazing Josh! Can't wait to be able to share that experience with my Dad. Only for me he'll be the one showing me OSH for the first time! Great job keep it up! and congrats on the CFI!

  5. The joy in your dad's eyes at the end….the feels :)

  6. stnkbg1 says:

    Next year you should join us in the Mooney Caravan. We came in with 41 planes this year in formation, and we don't have to deal with Fisk. It's a ton of fun, a really great safe and easy way in with guaranteed camping space, and the best part is the people. It's a really great group with all sorts of activities, meals, etc. This year was my first OSH, and it was awesome. Being part of a huge group of awesome people made it so much more fun than the show alone though.

  7. Tony Palmer says:

    I was eating in the A&W area right next to you.  I knew I should of said something, wasn't for sure if it was you or not. I was there with my Dad and my two boys.. Our first time at Oshkosh and LOVED IT!!!! Cant wait until next year. Happy Flying!

  8. Jack Hable says:

    Who's mooney is that?

  9. Man I was there Thursday and I was hoping to see you there! I only live an hour and a half from Oshkosh so I love going to EAA

  10. sseeplane says:

    Nice Job!

    We came in Sunday afternoon behind the RV mass arrival.
    The ground was too wet from some earlier heavy rainfall to let twins in the grass the first part of the week.

  11. Joshua W says:

    Excellent video! Was anyone else stressed out by all the comms traffic?
    Great job!

  12. Unitedfan737 says:

    I was at OSH16!

  13. You went to Oshkosh!?? How come we didn't see you around?

  14. working on my CFI as you have been you been at a faster pace…I hope some day my kids fly me into Oshkosh

  15. pirulo239 says:

    Good for you Josh to have your father and join the same passion.

  16. Tom Smith says:

    You have a cool dad.

  17. Capt.J-Paul says:

    i am a part of steveo crew, now im joining this one as well, please visit nassau

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