Paintball Warfare – Epic Paintball Battle


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20 Responses

  1. "Everyone was hurt in the making of this video" lol

  2. eu sempre quis jogar paintbaal

  3. Just a normal day for devinsupertramp, lucky bastard

  4. O_O were can I sign up

  5. 0:57 o cara caiu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. Bob Marley says:

    I hope you all realise they're not using actual paintballs

  7. John Ishmael says:

    Its all fun and games… till somebody gets run over by the fucking Jeep!

  8. LoyalHawk says:

    As long as no one gets killed by a Vehicle hahah

  9. C MM says:

    I'm laughing so hard at the person on the left that falls at 0:57 lmao

  10. aouzal ayman says:

    How to join u ??

  11. Dan M8 says:

    This is some mad max shit

  12. Jake Smith says:

    mad max meets call of duty meets paint ball

  13. you lucky fucks this looks like the most fun ever.

  14. me watches this video woah for a team of developers this is reealy amazingly awesome sees its by devin oh

  15. deven super tramp !!!!!!

  16. this is the cooooooolest paintball battle I have ever seen

  17. Angel Lopez says:

    fuck you youcl gis are stuei

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