Papers, Please


Oh what a surprise! You’ve been randomly selected by Glorious Arstotska to watch this sketch.


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  1. Abaddon 0 says:

    Эта такая КЛЮКВА, у меня аж уши заворачиваются

  2. X6- 22 says:

    this is how i play this game
    WHAT? on this photo i cant see if you have blue eye's
    what 50$ pay check
    go f yourself arstitzka

  3. DREXPLODE says:

    I hate the woman in the hood

  4. dope vampire says:

    remove the 3 at the uhh exp

  5. Benji Mahan says:

    I thought this was some 11 year old kids making this and it actually turned out it was good so ??

  6. LavaLeader says:

    how many sitations did he get?

  7. Morbus Kid says:

    This is Paper's please in a nutshell.

  8. "Verndale Pirates"? I live in Verndale!

  9. papyrus says:

    caption say bad volunteer……………..true

  10. papyrus says:

    the girl just want an mp3

  11. Suspendered says:

    Watched this after Jacksepticeye played the game. GLORY ARSTOSTKA well done skit

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