Patrick Clawson Assisting Zio-Communist Takeover of US Under Cover of Washington Institute


Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism

Patrick Clawson, deputy director of research for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) was caught on film last week suggesting that crisis initiation (i.e. false flags) are needed to “get America into war with Iran.” Clawson has very little confidence that Obama “can get us into war.”

WINEP was founded in 1985 by Martin Indyk, former US Ambassador to Israel and former deputy director of research for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) which is the largest and most influential Zionist-controlled pro-Israeli lobby on Capitol Hill. Other founders of WINEP include self-proclaimed Zionists such as Paul Wolfowitz, president of the World Bank from 2005 – 2007; Cheryl Halpren who worked for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (PBS); NeoCon Daniel Pipes; Bud McFarlane, involved in the Iran-Contra affair; Eugene Victor Rostow, former dean of education at Yale Law School; and James Wooley, former director of the CIA.

The Neo-conservatist (neocon) perspective originates in Trotskyism and Stalinism which is the “belief is that life of the civil society should be directed and regulated by the all-powerful state (in both its political and economic domains).” As a neocon, Clawson adheres to the Communist-based philosophy that the domination of the state in society and the symbol of the head (as realized by the President) is as the royal decree that their power to rule is divinely imbued.

Neocons have infiltrated nearly every corner of our government as placed in high-level and official standing. The Trotskyite ideal of “export of revolution” is manifest in the manufactured uprisings we have seen across the globe. Each one has served the purpose of toppling governments to allow the US government to install pasties who will serve US interests in their region.

In the past, this was accomplished through other covert operations such as false flag attacks. And although this method is still used today (as was witnessed most recently during 9/11), the fake revolutions in the Arab nations, the Occupy Wall St phenomenon and others that have spawned were directed carefully by the guiding hand of the Zionist-backed infiltrators who work to bring Communism to sovereign nations.

Before becoming a neocon, Clawson worked with the Zionist regime as an economist for the International Monetary Fund between 1981 – 1985 and senior economist for the World Bank between 1985 – 1989.

In a recent interview Clawson gave to Pete Santilli of “The Pete Santilli Show”, there was a definitive denial of recent comments Clawson made concerning the video of a discussion at the WINEP that has subsequently gone viral.

Santilli questioned Clawson about his comments regarding crisis initiation and the suggestion that sinking an Iranian submarine could be an example of a false flag that would facilitate the US entering war with Iran. Clawson became belligerent and lost all composure, according to Santilli’s recollection of the conversation. Clawson denied that he had ever made those comments even after Santilli played the audio of the video over the phone during the interview.

At this point, sounding as if he were having a mental breakdown from realizing he had been caught in a lie, Clawson began threatening Santilli with a lawsuit, arrest and personal harm if Santilli replayed the interview on his show.

Santilli explains that Clawson came “unglued” when clarification of the suggestive remarks about using crisis initiation (i.e. false flags) to instigate war with Iran were made. Although Clawson denied making those comments, this is not the first time he has publicly called for “covert operations” as a “traditional means of bringing America to war.”

In January of 2012, Clawson said that covert campaigns were preferable to covert air-strikes by Israel or the US with regard to striking Iranian nuclear sites. “Sabotage and assassination is the way to go, if you can do it. It doesn’t provoke a nationalist reaction in Iran, which could strengthen the regime. And it allows Iran to climb down if it decides the cost of pursuing a nuclear weapon is too high.”

That same month, an Iranian scientist was mysteriously killed in a car explosion wherein Iran quickly blamed the Israeli terrorist group the Mossad. Israeli officials referred to the killing as “precision thwarting” which is code for causing an event to occur with the expressed purpose of instigating war with a foreign nation (i.e. false flag attack).

For over two decades, Israeli officials have been decrying that Iran was producing a nuclear weapon, regardless of the lack of proof. In fact, the US and European nations assisted Iran in beginning their nuclear power program under the Atoms for Peace initiative until the state-sponsored removal of the Shah of Iran.

Israel’s Mossad employed the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI) to assist them in carrying out the car bombing of the Iranian nuclear scientist. At the time, the PMOI was designated by the US as a terrorist group because of the killing of American soldiers and contractors in the 1970’s while supporting the takeover of a US Embassy in Iran before breaking with the Iranian mullahs in the 1980’s.

The PMOI is the Iranian branch of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) which was trained, financed and used by the US in conjunction with the Israeli government and the Mossad. In the case of the Iranian nuclear scientist that was killed, the Obama administration had foreknowledge, yet chose not to become involved so that no ties could be traced back to the current presidential administration. In response, Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State “categorically” denied that the US was involved in any way with the bombing and death of the Iranian nuclear scientist.

The MEK and the Mossad trained Israeli secret agents in the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as to familiarize themselves with the scheme to commit an assassination against Iranian nuclear scientists. Fereydoon Abbassi, the Director of Atomic Organization of Iran predicted that since the Zionist regime could not prevent scientific advancements in Iran “it resorts to assassinating Iranian scientists.”

In retaliation, Israeli mainstream media claims that the PMOI attack was actually carried out by the Iranians to frame the Israeli government.

In March of this year, Patrick Clawson appeared on al-Jazeera television wherein he explains that “the MEK allegations that it was involved in the assassination of nuclear scientists inside Iran – If we are going to say that everyone involved in targeted assassinations is responsible as a terrorist, than Mr. Obama would be quickly thrown in jail because the United States has killed over a thousand people with its targeted assassinations through drones. Targeted assassinations have even included American citizens. If we use targeted assassinations as an instrument of war the United States is well accepted.” Clawson points out that we may not like that Israel uses targeted assassinations as a “valid instrument of war, but it is a valid instrument of war.”

This comment harkens back to the recent comments Clawson made regarding crisis initiation and its use to facilitate war with Iran.

When Clawson pointed out that he did not believe that “Obama could get us to war”, he was referring to the current sanctions placed on Iran. Sanctions hurt the citizens of a nation, not the elite or members of the government being sanctioned. The purpose of the sanctions against Iran was to facilitate an uprising just as was manufactured in Egypt with the Arab Spring which toppled the government and allowed the US to install their Muslim Brotherhood operative Mohammed Morsi.

Concerning Iran, AIPAC coerced the US Congress to impose stricter sanctions on Iran with HR 1905 and the desire to inspire the revolution of Iranian citizens against their government. However, this plan did not work. Obama’s decision to use “diplomacy” against Iran is frustrating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is calling for a military strike on the sovereign nation as soon as possible – preferably before November elections in the US.

As far back as 2004, Clawson was publicly displaying his disdain for the designation of the PMOI-MEK as terrorists by the US government. Knowing that the PMOI-MEK could be used to topple Iran under the covert operation of a false flag, Clawson spoke out at the same time as the information concerning the Franklin Scandal was beginning to break.

In response to this problem, Clinton removed the PMOI-MEK from the designated terrorist groups list to free the faction to do the bidding of the Zionist regime and facilitate the crisis initiation that Patrick Clawson spoke about last week.

A State Department statement revealed that: “The secretary of state has decided, consistent with the law, to revoke the designation of the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) and its aliases as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) under the Immigration and Nationality Act and to delist the MEK as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist under Executive Order 13224.”

MEK is supported by the US government; as well as select members of Congress, former heads of the FBI and CIA, former US cabinet secretaries and politicians from Democrat and Republican parties.

Clinton explained her decision to remove the PMOI-MEK from the terrorist list as “a correct decision which sets aside a serious obstacle on the path of the Iranian people and Resistance to achieve democracy in Iran.”

In February of this year, in an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Clinton admitted that the US trained the MEK in Afghanistan when the US was engaged in using the terrorist faction against the Russians. The MEK became the CIA-controlled faction known as al-Qaeda. Clinton said: “When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan we had this brilliant idea that we were gonna come to Pakistan and create a force of Mujahideen, equip them with stinger missiles, and everything else and go after the Soviets in Afghanistan.” This is the creation of al-Qaeda.

Clinton goes on to say: “We were successful. We said ‘great’; and we left Afghanistan . . . Leaving these trained people who were fanatical in Afghanistan and Pakistan . Leaving them well armed and creating a mess at the time we didn’t recognize. When you look back today, the people we are fighting today, we were supporting in the fight against the Soviets.”

Laying the groundwork for the coming war with Iran are the Communist infiltrators such as Patrick Clawson, who are supporting the Zionist agenda by coercing US elected officials to stand behind their takeover of the Middle East.

By using the PMOI-MEK as terrorist factions against the Iranian government, Clawson may see his inference of crisis initiation come to pass . The plan for the coercive uprising in Iran by way of sanctions has not panned out. Zionist-puppet Netanyahu is becoming increasingly impatient.

Standing on the precipice of WW III, we are being led to the slaughter by the Zionist regime, with the use of Communistic ideals in order to transform not only America, but all the sovereign nations into exports of “democracy”.

Contributions to this article were made by Pete Santilli.


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  1. maria says:

    “You may be familiar with the communist celebration of May 1st every year, but Labor Day is also another reason for them to celebrate. You have been seeing movies and literature that are explaining a progressive or socialist movement in your country that is using these words to hide their communist goals of controlling America. The liberals or progressives have taken over your media and your schools to brainwash your children and the adults to follow their Marxist agenda. Atheism and the ridding of religion from your society is part of their plan, and this is the battle of those who believe in Me against those who do not. Satan is ultimately behind these evil plans, and he is directing the one world people to gain control of all nations under the Antichrist. The tribulation is the reign of this evil, but it will last less than 3 ½ years. The communists hide their true identity as progressives, but their goals are from Karl Marx. Socialism has communism as its goal. You can see signs of this grab for power in your President’s czars and Executive Orders. The liberal judges are defying the people’s laws to force voter identification so the socialists can illegally pad the vote for socialist candidates with people voting multiple times for dead people and people without proper identification. I have warned you that the central bankers can cause a bank holiday with a bankruptcy of your government. This could throw your country into chaos, and martial law could be declared that would negate your election and make your President into a dictator. This could trigger a revolution that your government has been preparing for by ordering massive amounts of ammunition. If you see such a bank holiday followed by chaos, then you will need to come to My refuges of protection from the evil ones. Trust in My angels who will make you invisible to your enemies.” Jesus to John Leary

  2. stateofislamjihadback says:

    The Soviet Union the main partner in the founding of Zion, which was transformed from the League of Nations Zionist Organization to Zionism did not know the Soviet Union that socialism industry Ben Gordon and his father to be used in the destruction of Islam and Christianity together and something to hide Zionism at the founding of the Organization of the United Nations and Russia rightful heir to the Soviet Union correct mistake that caused the destruction of the Soviet Union, which was destroyed by Zionist after felt the it the danger that will stop their plans and atone signed evils committed in the destruction of Islam to serve Zionist they do not know and after her was destroyed to dominate Zionism under the name American peoples and it is an opportunity because it dominance of the United Nations Zionism enough terms enough labels and build and cultivate investment funds and home
    Will not be stability, but as the dominance of Jews to the world through the Zion United innovation, passed by the time and was summary meeting Jewish scholars for five years was decided in London 1907 AD so-called conference Campbell, who was eliminated after a year of signing and that was the only way to reach the founding of the Jewish state in America and to the occupation of Palestine: the first foundation of the League of internationalism and experience their ability to rule the world and the Declaration of the Balfour Declaration and the establishment of fascism and Msolan, Nazism and Hitler and get rid of them after they finish their mission and start building the infrastructure for a state that declare them in occupied Palestine today and ignite interwar using Russia and its people, its army and Germany and its people and its army and Italy and its army, its people and Britain donkey which carries Isfara climb onto the shoulders of Jews and left after the founding of their state grand in America in 1884 AD by declaring revolution antibody runner-Semitism and exploit American presidents country newfound which will transcend where any individual on the other, because everybody immigrants forth and new citizens and Jews can that make them their own hidden alongside the use of Palestine only foreign body separates Asia from Africa and keep the region in the absence of instability while Jews drain the wealth of nations, because who has the money has the power and control of the center of power in the world as I have already taken advantage of customers ex who betrayed their people in Service Jews like Hitler and Moss Lenny Roosevelt and Churchill and Stalin, who served the World Zionist to ignite wars no two of the reasons only as a pretext to achieve the dream of the Jews in the United Nations kyat n which Samzk world into small weak is able to stand in the face of eye Freemasonry which they allege see all Xi and granting states that will Tency dimension to the Second World War the legitimacy of the establishment entity Dwylathm and then granting Jews legitimacy established entity in Palestine occupied Organization II grant legitimacy for those wishing to freedom Thalta joining the organization they need in giving back Kunmnzmo Zion United grant states and the world the legitimacy of illegal created from Freedom Is that the time for free and will not be free, but to cancel the legitimacy of the Jewish organization and the expulsion of the organizations of The United Nations which the spies you different areas

  3. Gods grace at work he let you hear the evil ones mouth tell you what is coming upon the world and how lucifer is getting restless behind schedule a little must speed it up many souls to gather up for hell many more to come

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