PAUL Craig Roberts WARNS of Coming US Dollar COLLAPSE in 2015



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  1. AbovetheGov says:

    I know by following the markets, actual unemployment numbers in all states. Housing interest and pricing. Inflation and wages staying the same while prices are sky rocketing on consumables. We are operating on a fiat currency. A currency that is not backed by any means other than by force or Say so. Example: I pick up a rock and say that now this is what I will use as a method of trade for goods and services. But instead of a physical item like a rock, the enforcement is based on nothing except digital data. So Digital Data is the only thing that forces the US currency into being a Currency. Every American has a number, we are loaned against by the Federal Reserve. We are considered a possession of the Federal Reserve. They have a Vested interest in every American. We are a digital number that is associated with a Value. Our value determines the loan amount on us. The more Americans that are in the Country the more Value the Country has in regards to wealth. It is all tied together in one way or another. So in saying that we created more debt than we can repay to our Lenders. To many people not enough resources or employment opportunities. Manufacturing has left our Nation. This is Grab and dash. They are collecting all the currency they can before the bubble burst. It will burst. It will happen soon. It has to. It can not continue this way. The scales are about to tip in their favor. 
    I believe there is nothing the average citizen can do to protect themselves from this calamity. It is set up to fail and to take down many to bring down the population. Starvation, theft, murders are just some of things that will happen when this takes place.

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