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  1. Should I still buy a Wii U or wait for the NX?

  2. He sounds like he's giving a sermon at church on a Sunday morning. Lol.

  3. PS Neo = a Supplemental Copying Device (SCD). Sony is copying Nintendo again!

  4. nathan hynes says:

    OBE1 because of the green on the n64 logo instead of seeing green we saw the picture in the background!!!check it out!

  5. Ean Nicholas says:

    This sounds nice, but when you said that one of the reasons why the NX got delayed was because Sony might be coming out with a new console THIS year. Well guess what? There rumors how Microsoft is coming out with a new console NEXT year, guess what other console is coming out next year? THE NINTENDO NX! So what do Nintendo have to do now? Delay the NX til 2018?

  6. Kevin Carb says:

    I don't what to be that guy but I think everyone knows. About the ps 4.5 was confirmed :b

  7. Pink Floyd says:

    war's good for the economy

  8. True Gamer says:

    Great video!!! NX will beat PlayStation Neo!!!

  9. To be honest, I think neither one of these companies are worried but each other. The neo is just a ps4 with updates. I believe Nintendo will wait for the right time to talk about the NX because they have to nail it and its too early.

  10. I think Sony pays much more attention to what Nintendo does than what people are willing to accept. Note that in Japan they are head to head when it comes to market share. Xbox is not even on the radar in Japan. Sony is afraid to show their hand too early in the next "round" of hardware. They were able to "ADD" motion controls and vita remote play when they wanted to compete with Wii and Wii U. But if Nintendo's NX is much more powerful, they can't release another system right after the Neo to compensate. Yes, they pay attention to Xbox too, but, the sales of the Wii made them fully aware that Nintendo should not be taken for granted. This is now a poker game. Who will show their hand first? Nintendo revealed their hand first with the Wii U and paid the price. Now everyone wants to wait and see to overpower the others.

  11. BamBam V3 says:

    neo better than the nx but the scorpio gonna be better than both of them.

  12. We don't even know what the nx will be yet and if it'll even be more powerful which is what everybody is assuming they are gonna do but just look at the last two systems

  13. Phantom1op says:

    while i am no sure who is going to reveal information first, i do think that Sony Interactive Entertainment is using their considerable market share to their advantage to build up momentum so the NEO can be a success right out of the gate and knock the competition out of the way before they can get ahead of it.

  14. Good points, Obe1. But, you know? I also think that Nintendo has a potential advantage, in that the NX has a launch year of 2017.

    Sony hasn't announced a launch date yet because, they obviously want the Neo out by Holiday 2016, but they don't want Nintendo to know that. Why? Well, because Nintendo would possibly use the advantage of waiting until the holiday season this year to reveal the NX. Sony wouldn't be able to do the same, because the public would need to know about the Neo before then.

    I think Sony is anticipating that Nintendo won't wait that long, and are prepared to respond to what is shown.

    Personally, I hope Nintendo wins this waiting game, and gets all the credit for what the NX brings to the market. Nintendo needs the success of the NX far more than Sony needs the success of the Neo.

    And, i don't know, i still like Sony, but the company has seemed a bit sneaky and deceptive this generation, and may be losing some cool points with me, because of that. First E3 2013, now this mess.

  15. WhiteAbid says:

    what if Nintendo and Sony merged together to create the ps4.5

  16. danny S says:

    I don't think a PS4.5 makes much sense for Sony. The las thing they want to do is split their user base. If games have to be toned down to play on the PS4 then what's the point to own a PS4.5? Sony should go all out are release a true replacement for the PS4 in two years. As for the NX all they need is to confirm 3rd party support to compete, don't under estimate the number of Nintendo fans, many Xbox and PS fans began as Nintendo fans. Give Nintendo fans a reason to buy and the NX will sell like hot cakes.

  17. Dislike number 20

  18. mrtwinky2007 says:

    There is more presure on Nintendo, But Sony doesn't have the funds to wait, Nintendo do, Sony should show there's first and then Nintendo, Because Nintendo need to be forced to support the Wii U for at least another year too 2 years, With new titles as well, Nintendo can show it, Later and release it in 1.5years to 2.5years.

  19. Mongul Corps says:

    I hope the NX still uses the Wii remote and Pro controller

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