Pope is Illuminati


The knee guards are for when you get on your knees )

Disclaimer: Try not to consider many offence around this.

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36 Responses

  1. Lol you messed up at the start. P is the 16th letter of the alphabet!

  2. NeeqoTv says:

    Shit is about to get holy? Hahaha!

  3. Leo Mireles says:

    Peladophobian:You know what else starts with the letter p?

  4. Leelee Xodgy says:

    Ooouuu his discription makes him sound like a pervert ??

  5. OddSeuss says:

    "You know what else starts with the letter P? That's right, the letter P."

  6. adil javed says:

    i think pop is illuminati blood line from freemason.

  7. 幽空 says:

    418 people are in the illuminati and are working with the pope to incite the revolution of a new world order

  8. Doll Tiffany says:

    I feel like he is joking ? someone tell me it's fake

  9. JackyJack says:

    p is the 16 letter in the alphabet.1 a 2 b 3 c 4 d 5 e 6 f 7 g 8 h 9 i 10 j 11 k 12 l 13 m 14 n 15 o 16 p

  10. Angel Valida says:

    lol ?? i laugh so hard

  11. what type of insult are you giving now??? huh.
    this is abusive….

  12. I didn't know religious people couldn't understand a joke, but I guess I was wrong. THIS IS A JOKE.

  13. your gonna get in trouble pedolphian God loves us all

  14. Pope Francis is holy

  15. Ceca Siahaan says:

    P is the 16th letter.#GetYourFactsStraight

  16. Zipit Z2 says:

    you have 404 dislikes!

  17. peladophobian is illuminati comfrmed

  18. Steven Giron says:

    0:11 your name starts with the letter p Peladophobian.

  19. so Christianity is fake and was made by the illuminati to control the world..

  20. ian rayner says:

    god has three letters 3 -1=2 -1 =1 ilumanti has one eye

  21. Maricon Dabu says:

    a Doritos is MLG and a triangle imagine if you are MLG eating Doritos I will say ILLUMIATI CONFIRNED (cause of:Doritos is a triangle Illuminati you know what I mean)

  22. love it, how ridick u loss

  23. I KNEW IT!!!! POPE IS ILUMANATi!!!!!????????

  24. You guys are stupid the pope is not illuminati have God forgive you

  25. Apoorv Salar says:

    That's was hillarious!!! ?

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